Summer Flowers for Gardens and Pots

Beautiful summer flowers for gardens and pots that will give you gorgeous blooms. Most flowers bloom during spring but if you love flowers you might be looking for flowers that will remain in bloom for longer. Some perennials and annuals will give you bright and showy blooms throughout summer and some even continue all the way to fall. I hope this list gives you some insight on flowers you can grow and get those summer blooms.


These flowers are some of the most popular plants and are grown all over the world. Hibiscus are easy to grow and produce blooms that last a long time. There are many types and varieties to choose from that can also be found in many colors including different shades of yellow, orange, red, white, and bicolor. The Hibiscus plants can be grown successfully in both containers and gardens. Check this post on how to grow and care for hibiscus plants


Plumbago is also known as or Sky Flower or Cape Plumbago get its name from its native country of South Africa. In the natural environment, it can grow up to 10 feet tall. However, when grown in as a garden plant or in pots it doesn’t reach this height. It is a resilient plant that produces clusters of blue flowers.


Pentas produce beautiful five-pointed petals on their flowers. The Pentas plants can be found in many colors including white, pink, red, and purple. The flowers are produced in clusters. The plants also have hairy leaves. The plants can be planted as perennials as well as annuals. They are also great plants for attracting pollinators great addition to summer flowers for gardens and pots.

West Indian Jasmine

The west Indian jasmine is also commonly referred to as Ixora. It is a semi-tropical to tropical evergreen shrub. The plant flowers throughout summer. They produce large clusters of small blooms that resemble puffballs. The flowers can either be yellow, red, orange, white, or even pink.

Portulaca Moss Rose

Moss Rose or Portulaca grandiflora produces bright and colorful cactus-like flowers. The plant is hardy and grows well in sunny dry gardens. The flowers are available in different colors including red, yellow, white, and orange. It also produces beautiful needle-like foliage.

Rangoon Creeper

The Rangoon Creeper is also known as the Chinese Honeysuckle. The plant is a vine that can be planted in raised planters and hanging baskets. It’s native to Asia. It also produces clusters of gorgeous red, white-pink flowers. This is also one of the fast-growing cascading summer flowers.

Swedish Ivy

Swedish Ivy is a beautiful perennial. It grows and becomes a rounded, bushy, and upright before cascading. The plant can be grown successfully indoors and outdoor. It is best grown in hanging baskets. 

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart is a vine that you can grow at your home and enjoy the blooms in the summer season. You can grow the red bleeding-heart or the white bleeding-heart. They are interesting plants that produce even more interesting blooms.


Allamanda is a beautiful plant and also very easy to grow. You can grow different varieties of allamanda. The plant is native to South America. This tropical evergreen plant produces glossy green leaves. It also produces pretty trumpet-shaped flowers. 

Crepe Jasmine

Crepe Jasmine plants are also known as Crape Jasmine. The plants grow as high as eight feet and as wide as six feet. They adopt a rounded shape making them appear like rounded mounds of deep green leaves. They also produce small pinwheel flowers. Great summer plant that is also low maintenance.


Zinnia is known as the king of the summer and could not miss in this list of summer flowers for gardens and pots. The plants are annuals that also great at attracting butterflies and pollinators. The plants produce brightly colored daisy-like blooms at the ends of the stems. Zinnia flowers can last from late Spring to early Fall. They are also some of the easiest flowers to grow from seeds.

Swamp Hibiscus

Swamp Hibiscus is also known as Rose Mallow. The plant produces big showy flowers all through summer to autumn. However, it’s important to know that this plant does love excess moisture. While growing in the wild, it grows along with ponds and other dump areas. Therefore, it requires a lot of watering when grown in the garden or pots.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are awesome plants to grow even as indoor plants. They produce blooms that last all summer. The peace lily is easy to grow and it doesn’t need too much water. It is also one of the plants that you can grow successfully in a low light area. It’s important to note that the plant is poisonous to kids and pets and no part of the Peace Lily should not be consumed ever.


Hydrangea flowers are beautiful and produce large blooms. You can get them in blue, pink or white. White varieties don’t change depending on the soil’s pH. However, the other varieties will either bloom pink or blue depending on the pH of the soil. If you have a section of the garden or a porch with pots that don’t get too much light try growing hydrangeas. check this post on how to grow and care for hydrangeas.


Sunflowers are loved by many people. They produce big and showy blooms. There are also many types of sunflowers and they vary depending on the size of the blooms, the height of the stalks as well as the color of the blooms. Check this article of the complete guide to growing sunflowers and varieties.


Vinca is also commonly referred to as Periwinkle. The plant is native to Madagascar. Vinca plant is drought tolerant and can do well in almost all types of soil as long as they are fast-draining. The plant produces flowers that last from early summer till fall. There are several hybrid varieties that produce pretty and colorful flowers.


Euphorbia is a great option for people who forget to water their plants and kill them. They can last for up to 14 days without water.  They also produce flowers that last well into the summer.


There are many varieties of Anthuriums. You can get them producing blooms in white, pink, and red. The plants are mostly grown as indoor house plants. When provided with the right conditions they can produce flowers all through summer. They are also toxic to pets so you should be careful if you have a pet that loves to nibble of plants.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a common name used to refer to over 1000 species of plants. They produce beautiful heart-shaped leaves and trumpet-shaped blooms. Although the blooms don’t last long, new blooms are produced soon after. They produce blooms in different colors including pink, white, blue, purple, and magenta.


I hope you found this list of summer flowers for gardens and pots useful. Please share any other flowers that bloom through summer in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share the post and follow me on Pinterest for more helpful posts on flowers and plants.

Summer Flowers for Gardens Pots



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