Fast Growing Indoor Houseplants

Sometimes you might be looking for fast-growing indoor plants to fill a large space. It’s important to note that how fast your plant grows depends on factors such as where they’re growing, the amount of light available, humidity, and temperature as well as how often you fertilize them. In most cases, these plants tend to grow faster than some other house plants that you might have in your home.

The level of maintenance required varies from plant to plant and you can always go for the one which fits within your abilities. Check this post if you’re looking for low maintenance plants.

fast growing fern houseplants


Ferns are some of the fast-growing indoor plants. Some of the common types include Boston Fern also known as Sword Fern, Kangaroo Paw Fern, Asparagus Fern, and Tiger Fern.  You have to keep the soil moist with ferns if you want them to thrive. If your ferns are in hanging baskets you have to make conscious effort to water them.

fast growing Philodendrons


Philodendrons are also great fast-growing indoor plants especially vining philodendron.  A good example is Philodendron Micans.Another fast-growing plant to consider is Brazil philodendron.Other types include Lemon-lime Philodendron and Heartleaf Philodendron, Philodendron Giganteum, Weeks Red Philodendron, or Constellation Philodendron.

fast growing Pothos


Pothos do need some love to grow fast. You need to move them from time to time to make sure they are getting enough light. You also need to fertilize them during the growing season. The pothos grows so fast that you have to prune them back frequently if you don’t want them growing on the floor or other things around them. An example is the Golden Pothos.

fast growing hoya plants


Hoyas grow quite quickly. Some of the varieties that grow fast include the carnosa. The exotica and the tricolor grow fast too. The Chelsea Hoya is also another type to consider. Compared to other hoyas, it’s slower but compared to other houseplants, it’s fast-growing. The Chelsea Hoya produces pretty dark green leaves.

Fast growing string of hearts

String of Hearts

The String of Hearts require much care when young but once the roots are established, they just keep on going on their own. The Chain of Hearts responds well to cutting back and will produce new growth. They also like to dry out between watering cycles. If you notice the leaves curling a little bit, it’s time to saturate the soil.

fast growing grape ivy

Grape Ivy

The grape Ivy is a great houseplant. The plant loves drying out completely in between watering cycles. Also, provide the plant with bright indirect light.  In the summer, this plant grows like crazy, it crawls and vines on everything near it.

fast growing wandering jew

Wandering Jew

The Wandering Jews have prolific growth, once established they just keep going and going. Cut them back when they start to decline. This is one of the plants that you can expect to double or even triple in size during the growing season. Keep watering them and don’t allow them to dry out too much.

fast growing Scindapsus


Scindapsus is yet another fast-growing vine. It’s not as fast-growing as some of the pothos, but in general, you will get new growth all summer long.  If you provide the plant with bright indirect light and water them when dry. Don’t be afraid of cutting back the Scindapsus plants.


Monstera plants grow fast and are in the category of fast-growing indoor plants. Some of the common varieties are Monstera Adansonii and Monstera Deliciosa. The Monstera Adansonii vines and will grow on poles, other plants and anything it can attach to. Monstera growing guide.


Syngonium is fast growers. There are different varieties that you can try including Syngonium Illusion, Arrow Head Vine, Syngonium Gold Allusion, and Berry Allusion Syngonium. Some people use growth retardant to make Syngonium smaller, more compact and bushier

Peace Lilies

Peace Lilies or Spathiphyllum are quick growers. A variety to consider is the Platinum Mist. It has beautiful silvery foliage that makes them gorgeous. It can easily double in size in a year. The Peace Lilies grow wider than they grow taller. If you want to stimulate the fast growth, transplant the plant into a bigger pot every time they seem to fill the current pot.

Spider Plants

Spider plants can grow very quickly. They also make a lot of divisions and babies that can be used to propagate new spider plants.  They are perfect fast-growing plants worth the consideration. An example of a variety to consider is Bonnie. It has very pretty leaves. Check this Spider Plant complete growing and care guide.

Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant or Pilea Peperomioides is a fast grower. I find that once the plants establish their root system, they start taking off and producing a lot of foliar growth. The Chinese Money Plant was super trendy because they have interesting shapes and each one is incredibly unique.

Prayer Plant

The Maranta Prayer Plant does grow fast. Although it’s not the fastest-growing indoor houseplant, it does grow fast compared to other plants. It grows faster when it’s happy.  I’ll let the soil dry out between watering cycles. I also give it medium light and feed it during the growing season. The Red Maranta is medium growing. Prayer Plant growing guide.


Senecios aren’t typically fast growers, however, the String of Bananas and the Fish Hooks do grow fast.  They grow faster than the String of Pearls but you can always try and see which of them grows fast for you. The string of Bananas, String of Pearls, and Fish Hooks all look gorgeous and are awesome houseplants.


Ficus elastica is also another houseplant that grows quickly. They will double in size in about a year. Ficus are also great plants for people who don’t want vines. There are also different varieties of Ficus that you can try.


Many other fast-growing indoor plants are not on the list. An example is bamboo plants. Which have you tried, let us know in the comments below?

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