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Cheap DIY Garden Edging Ideas

Cheap DIY garden edging ideas that you can use to give flower beds and lawns a beautiful look. Edging is necessary because it’s an effective way of keeping unwanted grass, weeds, and other plants from growing into flowerbeds and gardens. Edges can be made of different types of materials. Edging acts as a physical barrier…

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Chinese Evergreen Aglaonema Plant Care

This Chinese Evergreen Aglaonema plant care guide will help you get gorgeous and healthy houseplants. There are different varieties of Chinese Evergreens to choose from and are differentiated by the leaf patterns and colors. Chinese Evergreens are easy houseplants to care for even for beginner plant owners. They can be grown successfully as indoor plants,…

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Jacob’s Ladder Plant Care

Jacob’s Ladder plant care and propagation that will help you grow a healthy and beautiful plant. The plant is scientifically known as Polemonium caeruleum. Jacob’s Ladder is a perennial that produces beautiful flowers during spring. The blooms are produced in clusters and form at the ends of long stems. Different varieties produce different flower colors….

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Leaves Turning Yellow During Flowering

Leaves turning yellow during flowering can be frustrating for plant owners. No one wants their flowers and plants to turn yellow at any point during their growth. Yellow leaves are an indication that the plant is not doing well. The issue gets complicated because the yellowing can be caused by many things. This post provides…


Hairy Cactus Species

Hairy Cactus Species Hairy cactus species can be an awesome addition to your collection of succulents or just any flowers. Although some of them are endangered, you can find different species from different sellers.

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Hybrid Tea Roses Growing Care

Hybrid Tea Roses are perfect plants for gardens, landscapes, and pots. They produce huge flowers that are available in a wide selection of colors. You can get them in different shades of yellow, pink, purple, orange, and peach. Although they are a beautiful addition to any space, they do not perform well if proper planting…

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Hens and Chicks Sempervivums Care and Propagation

Hens and Chicks Sempervivums care and propagation is easy. This succulent plant is one of the easiest indoor and outdoor plants to care for even for beginner plant owners. Sempervivums are herbaceous perennials native to Central Europe and North Africa. They do well in Hardy zones three through nine. The plant gets the name from…

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Schefflera Umbrella Plant Care Guide

Schefflera Umbrella plant care guide that will help you get a beautiful healthy plant. Umbrella trees originated from China but, some other varieties and species originated from Australia. Schefflera are literal trees and can grow up to 66 feet.  If cared for properly, the Umbrella Tree can remain luscious for years. It can also be…

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Caladium Plant Care Guide

This Caladium plant care guide will help you get beautiful houseplants. Caladiums are tropical perennials that are native to South America. There are different varieties of Caladiums to choose from and are differentiated by the leaf patterns and colors. Some of the common varieties include Fannie Munson and Red Flush. Caladiums are easy houseplants to…