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Shop for Birthday, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day flower bouquets that do not have to break your wallet. Honestly, you can get great cheap flowers online that will say “I love you” just like their expensive counterparts.

You might be saving the money for an additional gift, dinner or you are just running short on cash. You don’t have to beat yourself up or rob a bank, just order an arrangement from one of these convenient online flower delivery services.

Cheap Flowers Online from $19.99

The thought that you can get any decent flowers for as low as $19.99 can seem a little far-fetched especially because of the high prices of flowers nowadays. However, these flowers are cheap on price but not on looks.


One of the earliest players in the game of flower delivery and offers their services in about 125 countries. The size of the company makes it able to offer competitive pieces as well as deliver them wherever you want. You will have the chance to choose the arrangements you like which are priced from $19.99 going upwards.

Splash of Color Bouquet


You can get your flower arrangement from as low as $19.99. Also, the flowers can also be delivered the same day, a great deal for those who forget to place orders earlier. The company also makes deliveries nationwide.


The company has been in the business for decades and has perfected the service. You can select the flower bouquet you like from as low as $ 19.99. The company normally requires a few dollars to make the same day delivery happen as it is not normally covered in the price.

Cheap Flowers Online $30

From You Flowers

The online retailer has a wide selection of flowers starting from just below $ 30. You can also enjoy same day delivery on as many as 300 bouquets that are on sale on the website. The only catch is, you have to make the order before 3 pm.


The company hand delivers all their bouquets instead of shipping them in a box. They have managed to do this by working with local florists who bring together the arrangements as well as deliver them.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of bouquets that can be delivered the same day. However, the best thing about shopping here is the ‘Deal of the Day’. When you order the deal of the Day Bouquet, you can just pick a price point and the florist will design it based on your pay.

The company works with local florists who help them full fill the orders they receive. If you are requesting an order to be delivered to a location where they don’t have partnerships, they ship them in gift-wrapped boxes. You can get a selection of bouquets from this seller.

Cheap Flowers Online $40


The online retailer is known for supplying curated bouquets. The arrangements also have a personal touch and the company is also known for responsible sourcing. The prices for the arrangements begin at $40. The same day delivery option is only available in some cities including Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Orders made for all other cities are fulfilled the following day (Make sure you avoid that last-minute rush).

The Bouqs Co.

If you are environment conscious, this is the online retailer for you. The flowers are not your average cookie cutter bouquets. The retailer is known for being eco-friendly and sources the flowers from sustainable farms in both North and South America.

The flowers are cut-to-order, meaning that they are as fresh as cut flowers can get and consequently, they have a long vase life.  The beauty is that The Bouqs Co is still an affordable option since their flower arrangements begin at only $ 40.

Cheap Flowers Online Care

The maintenance of flowers is critical because it is one of the major factors that determine how long they will last. It doesn’t matter how much the flowers cost, if they are mishandled you will not get the best from them.

  • When you receive the flowers they will most likely be in a gift box or wrapped in some form of simple wrapping. Some online retailers use burlap. This is unlike when you order the expensive versions which are often delivered with a vase.
  • Remove the flowers from the wrapping making sure not to damage the flowers both the blossoms as well as the stems. Also, be careful not to make a mess with any wet floral This is can be expected especially when the flowers delivered in a gift box.
  • Remove any extra leaves on the stems. All the leaves that will be covered by water while in the vase should be removed.
  • Thoroughly clean your vase use a detergent and brush and remember to rinse it well. The cleaning helps to get rid of any bacteria that might still be lingering from previous floral arrangements.
  • Fill your vase two-thirds with water. If you have a sterilizing tablet or flower food, this is the best time to add it to the water.
  • Cut the stems about an inch from the base. If the arrangement is made up of roses, split the new ends for about an inch. Make sure to use a sharp knife in case you don’t have access to florist shears.
  • Arrange the flowers in the vase and once you are satisfied with the look. Fill the vase up with water. Position your final product in your desired location and remember to avoid areas with direct sunlight or heat. They shorten the life-span of cut flowers.
  • Check and change the water after several days. Don’t wait until the water turns.

If you grow your own flowers you might consider experimenting and making your own flower arrangement designs. This can be for your home or as a gift for someone else. You can check some simple DIY flower arrangements in this article.

However, if your only option is buying, you can consider these cheap flowers online which can be just as good as the pricey options. Frankly speaking, once you pop them in that cute vase no one will know how much they cost unless you tell them!!

It is also good to note that with cheap flowers online even when the pictures are displayed with vases, they are almost always delivered without one. Always check the comments below each bouquet.



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