DIY paper flowers hanging decoration

It is easy to make beautiful DIY paper flowers hanging decoration that you can hang from the ceiling. The paper flowers can be of different colors as shown here. You can choose complementary colors, contrasting colors the options are endless. You can also use just one color such as pink or blue or a gradient to go with the theme in the room.

These DIY paper flower crafts can completely transform any room. They are definitely an awesome addition to any kid’s bedroom. You can get your child to choose their favorite color and make a ceiling hanging for them. They are also great projects that you can undertake with loved ones and family.


You can choose different colors for beads, or threads when making your hanging paper flowers. However, I find that using the same color on different items usually provides better results. If you can’t find the beads or threads that are the same color as your papers, it’s advisable to use neutral colors. However, this is my personal preference, please feel free to experiment and find what works for you.

Process For Making Ceiling Hanging Paper Flowers

After you assemble all the materials, the process should be rather easy. Follow the video below step by step and you will create beautiful DIY paper flowers hanging decoration. You can also add your own variations as you like. You can make some of the hangings shorter or longer depending on the space you are working with and the materials you have access to.

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How to make DIY ceiling hanging paper flowers for decoration



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