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Succulent Favors

Succulent favors are perfect gifts for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, parties, even for corporate events. They’re perfectly pleasant reminders of the event and can last a long time. You don’t have to adopt them as the theme for your party.

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Succulents are also popular because they are eco-friendly and let’s face it, every one of your guests will love them. Amongst the many flowers and plants that you could offer your guests as favors, succulents are right at the top of that list. Not only are they easy to package, but they are also easy to care for and will not be a burden to your guests.

Succulent favors for weddings

Succulents are ideal wedding favors for the barn, rustic, country, and outdoor weddings. They are especially popular with brides who include succulents in other parts of the wedding such as a bridal bouquet with succulents or centerpieces with succulents.

Succulent favors for bridal showers and baby showers.

You can get the succulent favors to match your theme. There are different containers that you can choose from to make the favors presentable. You can also make beautiful centerpieces with succulents. DIY succulent favors are easy to make and you can purchase the items in bulk and prepare the favors yourself.

Succulent favors for corporate events

Succulent favors are also gaining popularity in corporate functions. The plants can be fitted into artisan pots that can be generic or custom made to give them that elegant look. Custom containers not only give the succulents an edge but they can also be made to suit the specific needs of the client.

Succulent Favor Ideas

Small pots, pails, and votives

Succulents in small terra cotta pots. This is an ideal option especially if you want to give your friend and family something that will last longer. You can get your set of succulents from The Succulents Source and put them together easily.

The succulents look adorable. They are also quick to assemble and anyone can do it.

You can also add a personal touch by adding a ribbon that is in line with your theme. You can also add a twine which works well if you are going for a rustic or country feel.

You can also get the succulents in small cute pails or small glass votives. With the options, you can choose the one that fits closely to your theme.

You can also decide to use custom containers for a personalized look. You can use miniature ceramic containers, miniature watering cans, small tin favor boxes, small white plaster pots, mini paint cans, or mini mason jars.  

The succulent favors in small pots, pails, and votives can last for several weeks. The guests can water them with just enough water to get the soil wet and then waiting before watering again.

The succulents are also easy to transfer into bigger pots where they can grow and last longer. The favors are a great way of turning your guests into grateful succulent owners.

Getting succulent favors in pails, pots, or votives is easier because you can have them prepared several days in advance even as far ahead as a whole week. It takes off the pressure of worrying about whether they will be ready in time.

DIY Succulent Favors

DIY succulent favors are easy to make and you can use your imagination to make cute arrangements.  Below are a few ideas that only require a few items to pull off.

Items you will need:

The process of arrangement is quite simple. Just put some glue on the piece of wood or agate stone where you would like to place the moss. It doesn’t have to be at the center, it can be skewed to one side.

Break a small piece of the moss and place it on the glue. Add some glue to the succulent’s tip and place it on the moss and you’re done.

You can be creative and use different items as the base, the idea is something that will hold the succulent cutting. The agate stones are popular because they’re available in one uniform color or many beautiful and bright colors.

Just like the succulent favors in pots, the DIY favors can also be removed and planted in bigger containers where they can last longer. It is obvious that succulent favors will create lasting memories for all your guests.



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