15 best edible flowers

15 Best Edible Flowers  

Best edible flowers are useful for making awesome recipes. Oftentimes a lot of people don’t think about eating flowers. Flowers can be super delicious, extremely nutritious and something that everyone can grow.

The best edible flowers include jasmine Sambac flowers, Poppy flowers, Marigolds, Basil flowers, Akebia vines, Nasturtium Flowers, Calendula, Cilantro, Chinese Chrysanthemums, Chamomile, Borage, Caper, Rose flowers, Freesia flowers, Broccoli flowers.

Jasmine Sambac Flowers

There are so many types of jasmines out there and they are all not edible except the Sambac varieties. In fact, all the other varieties are poisonous One of the varieties of the Sambac is the Arabian or tea Jasmine. It’s the type of Jasmine used to infuse tea. The flower is moderately fast-growing, enjoys heat quite tolerant to drought and the best part is they put out so many flowers. I love soaking them in some filtered water overnight and washing my face with the water. You can even add them on top of a pot of freshly steamed rice and you know what you get real jasmine rice.

Poppy Flowers

Poppies are also some of the best edible flowers. They are also one of my favorite flowers they come in so many different colors and sizes. There are also different varieties suited for differed growing zones. One of the varieties that are drought tolerant is the California Native with small orange fluffs. When these flowers are done you can harvest them and use them in your baked goods.


Marigolds are a delicious flower to eat.  However, you don’t want to eat the leaves or the green part of the flower. The petals are the best part and have a very peppery taste they’re also delicious. Extremely colorful and perfect for salads.

They’re super high in lutein which is important for the eyes. Many people have low amounts of lutein in their diet eating marigold will increase the amount consumed. Although adding marigolds to salads is common, you can also add them to tea add make marigold tea. You can also make marigold soup which is a little more adventurous but I think it’s one of the best ways to introduce people to eating flowers.

Akebia Vine

It is also called the chocolate vine and it’s native to Japan Korea parts of China. They prefer growing in a cooler climate so if you’re in the northern part of the US the south or even Pacific West the vine will thrive. They’re fast growing you’ll get an abundance of pods to enjoy.

Basil flowers

Basil flowers are delicious basil flowers are extremely potent. Think about the flavor of basil and imagine multiplying that by like three or four, basil flowers are packed full of that flavor. When you top a salad with different flowers you have different colors. You get some whites and some pinks and they’re delicious so give them a shot. Anyone can get basil flowers because they grow from basil and you really have a hard time killing basil, to be honest.  

Nasturtium Flowers

Nasturtiums is a delicious and very easy flower to grow.  Many people grow the plant in a carefree manner. For some people it actually grows like a weed, you throw the seeds in the ground and next thing you know you got nasturtiums popping up.

They’re a delicious, very peppery flower and have also been associated with cancer-fighting properties. The nasturtiums are available in different varieties which differ slightly in flavor too.

The Calendula

The calendula is super easy and hardy they’ll keep putting out flowers until it gets cold. You’ll also receive the flowers that reshoot in your garden year after year. These are so good in a salad or you can always use them as a garnish. You can also infuse these in skin care products and massage oils.  

Cilantro Flowers

Cilantro blooms are beautiful and have that delicious cilantro flavor but are actually rather sweet. They are just kind of a byproduct of the cilantro formed when before the flowers turn into a seed. Anyone can grow them because cilantro grows fast and easy. Cilantro flowers are like a very intense version of cilantro leaves with a peppery taste.

Chinese Chrysanthemums

People mostly harvest the leaves to eat but I found out that the flowers are also really tasty.  When this plant is young the flowers taste so nutty and it’s kind distinctive from all other flowers. When they flower, the leaves actually get a little more bitter. The flowers are drought tolerant and they transplant well. You can also pick some of the flowers dry them and make tea. You can save the dry flowers and enjoy a nice cup of hot chrysanthemum tea whenever you want even when the growing season is over.  


The chamomile flowers are also some of the best edible flowers and perfect for any tight small spaces, containers, or using borders. They are wonderful to decorate your salads or any dishes or just making a fresh cup of chamomile tea to relax.

Caper Flowers

Capers are gorgeous, you harvest capers to pickle by picking the buds. One full-size bush will get you about 1 to 2 jars of capers. The bushes are drought tolerant; they love the full sun. they love the heat.

 Borage Flowers

Borage is a very delicious and super simple edible flower. What you want to do is remove it from its stem but from the big base of the flower by simply giving it a tug on the petals. The ripe ones will pop right off.

Borage flowers are mild and sweet you get all the sweetness that comes from the nectar that’s inside the flower. The petals don’t taste like anything but they give you all the antioxidants.

You can pick a bunch of the blooms and set them in some water and let them begin to flower out.  Then you just pluck them off as they begin to flower and use them to make different recipes. I add them to salads as well as smoothies which really catches people’s interest.

Rose flowers

Roses are some of the most common flowers and are also available in very many varieties. Some of you may already have these in your garden. As long as your roses are grown organically and not treated or sprayed with any chemicals, the petals are edible. Roses are versatile and can be used to make luxurious facemask or added to salads.

Roses are such a wonderful investment for your garden because they keep blooming year after year. As long as there are some sunshine and some water, they’re not really particular about the type of soil. They also just continue to bloom until it gets cold.

You can learn more about the different varieties of roses in this article.


Freesias have a subtle floral fragrance and the petals are actually edible. Some people infuse the petals in syrup. The best part is that the bulbs just keep multiplying. All the vibrant colors of flowers offer a lot of antioxidants.

Broccoli flowers

Broccoli flowers are something that everyone can grow and be honest at no extra cost because it can happen to just about everyone. When you don’t harvest your broccoli on time, they small florets open and produce yellow flowers. In the common broccoli vegetable, the immature florets are nice and compact. When they mature, they flower and only have a slight broccoli flavor. They also have really sweet petals that are buttery. They don’t taste bad at all.

Sometimes, people look at flowers and think that they’ll taste bad. I’m not really sure why but basically, I think flowers have gotten a really bad representation, I really do, and I think what we need to start doing is enjoying different flowers because they taste great.

They’ve got different antioxidants that are not found in the floret stage when you’re normally harvesting broccoli. They also add color which brings some fun to the food making people more interested in eating it.  The more we start to incorporate these interesting items that people don’t really think of as food the more we can kind of expand our horizon into other things as well.

Broccoli flowers are awesome on salads and don’t require to be cooked. Mixing them in salads adds great taste and color. If your broccoli flower, don’t let them go to waste.

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