Flower Arrangements for Church

When making flower arrangements for church, size matters a lot. You don’t want flowers that disappear and are not visible to the person a few sits down the aisle. In other words, cute and delicate floral arrangements will not cut it for this one. The display should be big enough to be seen and not swallowed up by other things at the altar.

DIY Flower Arrangements for Bridal Showers 

Some people are hesitant to DIY things, however, DIY flower arrangements for bridal showers are one of the things that every person can pull off. You can make cute and simple arrangements within no time and using the materials you have at your disposal.

15 Flower Delivery Near Me Options 

On mother’s day, I wanted to send some beautiful flowers to my mum. So I sought flower delivery near me services and I was hoping that the flowers will reach her on an actual day and not after. The experience got me thinking about popular flower delivery near me options.

25 Amazing Flower Facts 

Nature is filled with all sorts of flowers which are not only amazing but also strange. They range from the “living stone” to the corpse flower and not forgetting the moon flower. The interesting flower facts make it more interesting to study the flowers.

Best Blooming Teas| Flowering Teas

A few birthdays ago a friend of mine gave me a packet of blooming teas|flowering teas. I am an avid lover of herbal teas, so I was more than willing to try flower teas and the blooming part was even more intriguing.  After that encounter, I sort to find out a little more about blooming flower teas.

 20 Dark Purple Flowers

So, my friend is getting married in December this year and she asked me about dark purple flowers (she has always been a purple girl). I mentioned the few that I could remember immediately but, I also did some research later and here are the flowers I found that will give you that coveted dark purple shade for your garden or flower arrangements.

Tulip Flowers

Tulips are the third most popular flowers in the world and are only presided over by chrysanthemums and roses. Tulips are also the most colorful and most popular of the Spring flowers. If you are looking for a bouquet that will get you into the spring mood, this is it. The flower is cup-shaped with a long green stem and a member of the lily family.