flowering indoor plants that are easy to keep alive

Flowering indoor plants that are easy to keep alive is a common need among people who love houseplants. Some plants (often given as gifts) like hydrangeas, miniature roses and azaleas may look good for a couple of weeks and then just let you down.

You want to get flowering indoor plants that are sustainable. There are those that will flower over and over again, some you have to wait a little bit longer. Others give you big luscious flowers and some give you little tiny insignificant but beautiful flowers.

Flowering Indoor Plants That Are Easy to Keep Alive

Rieger Begonia

Rieger begonia is colorful! The first time I tried this flower I could not believe I had so much color from my houseplant. The plants do pretty well indoors. They need sun though, anything that flowers in my experience need more sun. it can also do well in bright medium light.

The plant also likes to slightly dry out. They do like a little bit of moist soil. They also need cool temperatures and shorter days to bloom indoors. They also gradually begin to decline over time and it’s advisable to cut them back or propagate them.

Another flowering indoor plant that you can try from this family is the Begonia Coccinea. The plant has beautiful white spotted-foliage. If you want to encourage more foliage, then prune the flowers and it will look fuller. Providing the plant with fertilizer during the growing season also encourages it to bloom.

The Rex begonia is also another wonderful flowering plant. However, most people are satisfied with the colorful foliage. Begonias require good air circulation to avoid fungal problems. Avoid the tuberous begonias, the type mostly used planted outside and included in landscapes. They do not do well inside because they must go through a dormant period. Examples include Evergreen begonias, cane Begonias, and Christmas Begonias

Wandering Jew (Tradescantia zebrina)

Another flower that produces beautiful small purple flowers. The flowers are like a highlight of the dark maroon foliage. The foliage is actually very fragile and it breaks easily. Like every time you move the plant, you can expect some leaves to drop off.

If you keep the plant in a place with low light it will not bloom, basically the high the amount of light you give these plants the more they’re going to flower.

Setcreasea pallida

The plant’s foliage has an iridescent of purple on it. The flowers show up in the middle of the leaves. These small flowers are sort of like a surprise. It has furry little stems and looks like the teddy bear vine but it’s super sculptural as it gets older.

I cut it back when the stems grow tall, otherwise, it gets floppy. The flower is also easy to propagate. The flower also likes a lot of light. The more light they have the stronger they are, the less leggy they get and the more they will flower.

Flowering Indoor Plants That Are easy To keep Alive List

Rieger BegoniaBegonia CoccineaRex BegoniaBromeliads
Wandering JewSetcreasea PallidaOrchidsKangaroo Paw
Oxalis TriangularisFlowering AnthuriumMaranta LeuconeuraPersian Violet
Christmas Cactus Star JasmineString of PearlsGoldfish plant


One of the easy to style indoor flowers. You can just place them on a table, window seal or as a centerpiece. The orchid is a go-to plant for people seeking color. Some of the types that you can try include the Phalaenopsis.

The orchids will bloom for a period of a month to two months. Keep them in medium light and also slightly moist not overly watered because these roots will rot if they’re sitting in water.

Orchids come in so many different colors, they are a great way to bring color into your house.

Bromeliads (Tillandsia cyanea)

These are pretty cool plants. However, after it blooms it doesn’t stay around for that long. You can take the offshoots and plant them and you’ll have more. The flower looks like a colorful paddle that has small tiny flowers along the edges. The bromeliad flowers are actually bracts (colored leaves).

The bromeliads are super easy to keep alive and can handle lower light situations. However, the more light you give it, the more color you will get and the more flowering you’re going to get.

I love the bromeliads because they have a super tropical look and they’re really great for centerpieces for parties.  

Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos species)

The Kangaroo paw is quite stunning. They do go a little dormant during winter, therefore reduce the watering. Overall, they are easy to keep alive just remove the spent blooms and keep the foliage healthy.

The flower has little tiny hairs along the outside of the flower which causes the color to be violet. I love the flowers, they look extremely delicate, different and exotic.

Oxalis triangularis

This can be a tricky plant to take care of, but once you master what it likes it will be a walk in the park.

They do require good lighting. They also require a good balance between not letting them dry out completely and not overwatering and letting them sit in water.

I love these flowers because even if they don’t flower, you can get the ones with colored leaves.

When they flower, they produce soft beautiful little flowers.

Flowering Anthurium

The anthurium is one of the easiest flowers to take care of. they will forgive you if you forget to water them. I find they will bloom better in more light just like most other plants. When they’re done blooming their color fades and sometimes it goes to green. It can also start out green and sometimes it never gets pink it depends. However, the more light you provide them with, the pinker the bracts get.  

You can get different colored anthuriums, the common types either produce red or pink modified leaves (they are not really flowers).

The anthuriums are some of the flowering indoor plants that are easy to keep alive that anyone can try.

Maranta leuconeura

The maranta are usually sold for their gorgeous foliage but they do produce little purple flowers.

The plants are easy to keep alive and you can get away with providing them with minimal attention.

I love the plant because the tiny flowers are a pleasant surprise.

Persian Violet (Exacum species)

These flowers don’t last. They are there for a few months and then go dormant over the winter. The blooms fade, the foliage dries up and you can just cut it back and stop watering it. Then wait until spring and start watering it again and it will grow.

I love it because it grows out like a bouquet with many small flowers and foliage.

Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera buckleyi)

Christmas cactus some people also call them Thanksgiving cacti will flower periodically in the winter. To get the to flower you have to pull back on the watering and fertilize it and just really promote those blooms.  

They are actually quite easy to care for. A great option for people who have a tendency to kill plants.

Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

The jasmine produces small flowers that smell really nice. You must provide the plant with sufficient light otherwise they will just have foliage and produce no flowers.

The string of Pearl (Senecio rowleyanus)

The string of pearls produces insignificant flowers that smell like cinnamon. They smell so good and flood the room with that beautiful smell.

The plant needs to actually have cool temperatures in the winter because they normally bloom in the winter. Keep it like at 50- 55 degrees at night and it’ll push them to a flowering period.

They do best in warm days bright to indirect light or even direct light if you keep them behind a window.

The flowers look a little like miniature dandelions and may not appeal to everybody. However, the smell will appeal to everybody unless they hate cinnamon. Read more about the String of Pearls here.

Flowering Indoor Plants For Sale

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Most of these flowering indoor plants that are easy to keep alive need a significant amount of light. Some can take direct light and others just a lot of bright indirect light. If you want to succeed, just make sure you have those conditions for these plants before you bring them indoors. Other flowering indoor plants that are easy to keep alive that you could try include Medinilla, Gardenia, Goldfish plant, Fittonia, Gloxinia, Lipstick Plant, and Peace lily.

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flowering indoor plants that are easy to keep alive



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