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How to Make DIY Soil Mix

Learning how to make DIY soil mix can be useful especially for plant owners with many plants. If you have just one or two plants, you can make do with purchasing ready-made soil mixes. Making a DIY soil mix is easy and everyone can make an all-purpose soil mix. All you need is to have…


Old Lady Cactus Mammillaria Hahniana Care

Old Lady Cactus care is not complicated. The Old Lady Cactus succulent is native to Mexico. The plant is scientifically known as Mammillaria Hahniana. The Old Lady Cactus belongs to the Cactaceae family. It is a great houseplant and outdoor plant that can be used in different pots and containers. This post looks at watering,…


DIY Heart-Shaped Succulent Planter Arrangement

If you love succulents, you should try DIY heart-shaped succulent planter. This heart-formed succulent planter makes an awesome gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day or just because! I love the idea because it’s an uncommon gift but very thoughtful and realistic. Plus, it’s a fun little project that anyone can put together

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30 Low Maintenance Houseplants

There are many low maintenance houseplants that you can grow. Many of them are readily available while others are a bit rare. Let’s look at some of the low maintenance houseplants I have grown successfully. Philodendron pothos From the Scindapsus family. In terms of care, they do like to dry out a lot before being…


How to Transplant a Succulent Guide

Every succulent owner must learn how to transplant a succulent. All the succulents that you buy whether online or in a local nursery require transplanting. Furthermore, after succulents have been growing for a while, they will require to be transplanted. They become too big for the pot and require to be transplanted in order to…

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Front Door Planters Ideas

Front Door Planters Recently I was searching for some front door planters that I could use to grow some flowers and beautify my front door. The idea was to get some planters that were not only gorgeous but could also be practical and serve the purpose effectively. When choosing front door planters, I wanted to…


Top Dressing Succulents|Decorative Rocks

Top Dressing Succulents| Pebbles| Decorative Rocks Reasons for top dressing succulents with pebbles are many and vary from one person to another. If you are wondering whether to top dress or not to top dress, here is a number of reasons why you should. Apart from covering the benefits of top-dressing succulents with pebbles and…


DIY Succulent Terrarium Ideas

DIY Succulent Terrarium There are different types of DIY succulent terrarium. A DIY terrarium can either be open or closed depending on your preference. Succulent terrariums are some of my favorite arrangements because of the many types of succulents that you can put together for an awesome look. In this post, let’s learn how to…