beautiful cut flowers for beginner gardeners

 Beautiful cut flowers for beginner gardeners that you cannot go wrong with even if you have little or no experience. I love making floral arrangements for home decoration. Purchasing flowers can be expensive especially if you want fresh ones. That’s is why I prefer growing my own whenever I can.

Basics of Growing Cut Flowers

It is important to get the basics right if you want your cut flowers to thrive. Although the flowers discussed in this post are easy to grow, you still need to provide them with the basics.

  • Planting Spot

You will need a spot for growing the flowers. It needs to have good quality soil and if you don’t already have that good quality soil you can always add compost.

You can also make any sort of amendments you need or even buy fresh soil to make sure that your flowers have the best start possible.

  • Sunlight

You should provide your cut flowers with about six to eight hours of sunlight or what’s called the full sun.  Eight hours is ideal and if you have more, the better. All the flowers discussed in this post do best in full sun.

  • Watering

Watering is critical and gardeners need to be committed to watering the flowers every day if needed. If you don’t water the flowers properly, you will not have good results.

  • Weeding

You also need to weed on the regular. If you don’t get the weeds under control, they will compete with the flowers for nutrients, water, and space.

If you don’t want to weed, you can invest some money in a weed cloth, cut leaves, or some sort of mulch that you can put around your flowers.

When you suppress weeds, you will have some pretty flowers that you can cut and make beautiful flower arrangements.

Beautiful Cut Flowers For Beginner Gardeners

Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan is also known as Rudbeckia. They’re long-lasting flowers that can remain in bloom for a long time.

They are also easy to start from seed. You can even find them as perennials that will produce flowers year in year out. If you have space and they’re willing to invest in a bit of a perennial cut flower garden you can go with Black-eyed Susan.


Cosmos are super versatile flowers to grow in a cut flower garden.  Gardeners can use them as a source of greenery or foliage. They can also use them as the main flower or as a supporting flower in your bouquets.

Pincushion Flower

Pincushion flowers are also known as Scabiosa. This is one of the flowers that you can grow and enjoy as they are growing in the garden as well as cut flowers.

I love them because you can cut them at any stage and incorporate them in bouquets. You can cut them in the beginning when they bloom and at any stage up to when they have formed seeds. The seed stage is perfect for making gorgeous fall floral arrangements.


I love amaranth it adapts easily to different conditions. It doesn’t require good soil to grow. It is one of the flowers that you can just seed and forget about it.

Water amaranth occasionally. It is also forgiving and even if you fail to water a few times, it will not die on you.

If you plant amaranth, you are pretty much guaranteed to get some flowers between spring and summer.


Calendula is a great cut flower. You can plant it as a companion plant in the vegetable garden.  It’s very easy to start and grow and easy to seed. It is a great cut flower and looks beautiful in different bouquets.


Snapdragons are very common in most cut flower gardens. They produce beautiful spiky stems. I love them because they are available in so many different colors and shades.

You can find them in so many different varieties. When you’re picking out your Snapdragon cut flower varieties, always go for the tall tones.

The shorter varieties are bred for planting in pots and containers. The tall ones are ideal for cut flowers because they have long stems which are perfect for floral arrangements.


There are very many different varieties of zinnias that you can plant in your cut flower garden. You can choose from the Cinderella series or the Palm series.

I love Zinnias because they bloom again after cutting them. If you want to stimulate them to keep blooming, make sure you cut them.  

They are available in many different colors that you can use in different types of bouquets.


The stock deserves to be included in this list of beautiful cut flowers for beginner gardeners. I like Stock flowers because they are easy to start. They are also available in many pretty colors.

It’s also one of the easiest flowers to harden off. It’s also frost tolerant compared to many other types of flowers.

The only unfortunate thing about growing Stock is that you won’t get multiple blooms from one stalk. Once each stalk grows and you cut it off it doesn’t grow back.  

Straw Flowers

Strawflowers are a definite go-to in any cut flower garden.  They’re easy to start from seed even for beginner gardeners.

They look great as cut flowers because of their shape and size. Once you cut them, they bloom again and keep blooming. They are also easy to dry as well as save seeds.


Sunflowers are a staple in most cut flower gardens. They’re big and beautiful and they steal the show. You can incorporate just a few Sunflowers as the focal points in your flower arrangements.

You can direct sew them in your garden. There are so many different shades to choose from apart from common yellow. You can go for shades of orange, reds, and plum varieties. Check this post on sunflower growing and variety guide.


Growing cut flowers doesn’t have to be an impossible goal even if you are a complete beginner. You don’t have to watch other people harvest their gorgeous flowers and you have the space to grow some.

I hope this post on beautiful cut flowers for beginner gardeners gave you some ideas and took you a step closer to growing your own. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for awesome posts on flower gardening.

pretty cut flowers for beginner gardeners



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