Birth flowers by month and meaning

Find out birth flowers by month and meaning either for yourself or for a loved one. There are many flowers with different meanings associated with them. The history of associating or giving flowers meanings dates back to many centuries. Flowers are often given as gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries. They are also used as decorations for events including weddings and parties including corporate events.

The practice of gifting flowers to an individual on their birthday can be traced back to the Roman Empire. The Romans also used flowers as a way of honoring the goddess of Spring known as Flora. Different types of flowers also make up some of the most common gifts presented to different gods by different religions across the world.  

Birth flowers by month and meaning were attributed to each month because they were in the season that month more than other months. Check this post on 70 flowers with meaning to find the meaning associated with your favorite flower. Associating different items to different birth months is not unusual just as different crystals are associated with different birth months.


Carnations Birth Flower for January

The birth flower for January is the carnation. The carnations flowers are also referred to as dianthus which means “divine flower” or “flower of the gods”. Carnations are used to symbolize beauty, pride, and distinction.

Carnations are also used to symbolize affection. It’s important to note that different colors are associated with different meanings. White carnations are associated with friendship, pink carnations are associated with romance, red carnations are associated with love and longing, while yellow carnations are used to convey rejection.

Violets Birth Flower for February

The birth flower for February is violet. Violet flowers are associated with faithfulness, infatuation, and chastity. In flower symbolism, violets are gifted to a lover to his sweetheart as a way of informing her that he will always stay true to their love.

The purple-petaled violets are commonly used to convey love while the white violets are used to convey that the guy is considering the possibility of giving the lady his heart.

The iris is also the birth flower for February. It is used to symbolize courage, hope, wisdom, and faith.

Daffodils Birth Flower for March

The birth flower for March is daffodil. Daffodils are used to signify friendship and happiness. It is also the flower used to convey the feelings of one-sided love.

However, daffodils are also associated with hope since they are some of the primary flowers that bloom during Spring.

Daisies Birth Flowers for April

The birth flower for April is the daisy. Daisies are some of the common flowers and are available in different colors. They are also loved by many people both on their own as well as when included in floral arrangements.

Daisies symbolize innocence and modesty.  Although they have bold colors, they are associated with delicate beauty. Traditionally, daisies were gifted to a lady by a man after spending pleasant time together.

Sweet peas are also birth flower for April.

Lily of the Valley Birth Flowers for May

The birth flowers for May are the lilies of the Valley. The flower produces many white bell-shaped blooms.

The flower symbolizes chastity, purity, love, and humility. The flowers are also used to symbolize “the return of happiness”. They are popular in wedding décor because of the strong association with love and happiness.

Roses Birth Flowers for June

The birth flower for June is roses. Roses are the most common flower. They are widely popular and used on almost all occasions.

Roses are associated with passion; however, each color has a different meaning. Red roses symbolize burning and passionate love and are commonly given as gifts for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

Pink roses are associated with admiration and are often given as gifts for graduations and birthdays. White roses are used to convey feelings of friendship and quiet affection.  While yellow roses are used to express jealously or love that is dying.

Larkspurs Birth Flower for July

The birth flower for July is larkspur. Often expressed as “wearing one’s heart on the sleeve”. Larkspur is used to symbolize openness and lightness, as well as the fickleness. 

However, different colors have different meanings, pink larkspur is associated with fickleness. White larkspurs are associated with joy. Purple larkspurs are used to convey the message that a receiver is a sweet person.

Waterlily is also used as the birth flower for July. It represents majesty, open heart, and pure heart.

Gladiolus Birth Flower for August

The birth flower for August gladiolus. The flower was named after the gladiators because of the sword-like shaped blooms.

Gladiolus is associated with strength and courage because of their shape. They are also associated with sincerity and forthrightness. The gladiolus is also used to symbolize love at first sight.

Asters Birth Flower for September 

The birth flower for September is asters. Asters mean star in Latin.

The flower is used to convey faith in one’s love. It’s also used to symbolize wisdom and boldness which is intended to impress.

Marigolds Birth Flowers for October

The birth flower for October is the Marigold. Marigolds have different meanings depending on the region.

In Asian countries such as India, the flowers are considered to be some of the holiest blooms. The flowers are woven into necklaces and placed on and around religious statues as holy offerings.

However, in western countries, marigolds are associated with sorrow. They are often used in funeral arrangements as a way of conveying sympathy.

Chrysanthemums Birth Flowers for November

The birth flower for November is the chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemums are used to symbolize friendships. It is also the Imperial flower of Japan.

However, chrysanthemums just like marigolds are associated with different meanings depending on the region. In some regions, they are sometimes used to convey secret love. While in others they are used to convey feelings of sympathy because they are associated with death.

Narcissus Birth Flowers for December

The birth flower for December is narcissus. The flower is used to symbolize fidelity, faithfulness, modesty, and constancy.

Other flowers used to represent the birth month of December are poinsettias which symbolize good cheer and hollies which represent happiness.


Flowers have always been associated with different meanings, symbolism as well as occasions. It is always fun discovering new flowers and meanings.

I hope you found this post on birth flowers by month and meaning useful. If so, please share it with others and also follow me on Pinterest for more useful posts on flowers, plants, and succulents.

Birth flowers by month and meaning



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