These best outdoor winter plants can be grown in pots, containers and planters. They are perfect for front yards, porches, balconies, backyards, as well as raised beds. They are able to tolerate the cold weather and not die. 

Best Outdoor Winter Plants

Most of these plants produce beautiful flowers which is an added advantage. Others produce beautiful foliage. 


Winter-flowering pansies are very popular among gardeners and plant parents. They look great in window boxes and pots for a dazzling splash of color that can be seen from indoors. Check this post on how to grow Pansies.


Cyclamen are winter specials that come into bloom from autumn through spring. Flowers come in different shades and hues including red, white, and pink. Potted or planted under trees, these look stunning.


Hellebores can flower in midwinter, so this is why they are often referred to as Christmas Roses. In addition to white and green varieties, there are even dark red types.


Dogwood is also commonly known as Cornus.This plant is a small woody shrub grown for its showy bare stems that are more pronounced during winter.

Some of the best varieties of Dogwood that you can try include the Cornus Alba sibirica which has red stems. You can also try the Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’ which has beautiful yellow bark.


Winter-flowering heather adds texture to a landscape. In addition, it looks wonderful in pots and containers. There are pink, white, and purple flowers available.

Japanese Quince

The Japanese Quince is also known as Chaenomeles. It is a hardy shrub with a woody appearance. It has thorny branches with cup-shaped flowers that bloom in the winter and early spring.

Winter Aconites

The Winter Aconites plants produce pretty yellow flowers. They grow best beneath deciduous trees and shrubs. This plant prefers rich, moist soils which allow it to thrive.


There are many varieties of viburnums that provide winter color. One of the evergreen varieties that you can grow is the Viburnum burkwoodii. 

If you want a fragrant variety you can try the Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’. It’s a beautiful deciduous shrub that produces pretty pink flowers.

Witch Hazel

There are several Witch hazel to choose from. They produce wiry flowers that grow along the branches.

The Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’ produces pretty red flowers. The Jelena variety produces a coppery color.while the Pallida is yellowish.


The Mahonia is also commonly known as the Barberry which is a gorgeous evergreen shrub. This plant bears spires of yellow flowers above a lush canopy of green leaves.

Many gardeners also love Mahonias because they are fragrant plants.

Winter Cherry

The Winter-flowering Cherry is also known as the Prunus subhirtella autumnalis. It is a cherry tree that is ornamental. It blooms from late autumn to early spring with pale pink flowers.


Snowdrops can be among the first flowers to bloom in the new year.They are also happy and thrive when growing under trees and shrubs.

Some of the varieties you can grow are Galanthus nivalis especially if you are going for a woodland style. You can also grow Elegant ‘Magnet’ which produces pretty flowers that dance in the wind.

Winter Jasmine

Winter jasmine is also known as Jasminum nudiflorum. It is a sprawling plant that produces star-shaped yellow leaves. 

It can easily be trained as a climber with wires or trellis. These are great for archways or climbing over low walls.


Some daffodils bloom in winter since they emerge so early. One of the varieties that blooms early and can have flowers in January is the Narcissus ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’. 

 The ‘February Gold’ daffodil produces blooms slightly later but still in the winter. 

best outdoor winter flowers


Crocus flowers are an indication that winter is ending and spring is on the way. They look gorgeous in pots and containers with their cup-shaped flowers.

Crocus is also a great flower for planting on borders as well as on lawns. Check this post on how to grow and care for Crocus.


Even when there is snow on the ground, Chionodoxa flowers. One of the varieties that Ilike is the Chionodoxa luciliae. It produces pink or blue star-shaped blue flowers with white centres.


This Is a well known shrub because of it’s strongly fragrant flowers. The Daphne blooms during winter or early spring. 

Some of the common varieties include Daphne odora and Daphne bholua. You can grow them next to gates and doorways.


Clematis are common climbing vines widely grown in different regions. One of the common varieties is Cirrhosa. It is an evergreen clematis that flowers in winter.

Clematis cirrhosa var. Purpurascens commonly known as Freckles. It produces blooms that are creamy and bell-shaped. The flowers also have speckled petals. 

Another variety you can try growing is the Mallorcan Clematis cirrhosa variety Balearica. Check this post on how to grow and care for Clematis.

Algerian Iris

The Iris Unguicularis is also known as the Algerian iris. These plants produce heavily scented flowers. The flowers are mostly violet in color and have yellow and white patterns.

Sweet Box

The Sarcococca are also commonly referred to as Sweet Box. The plant is easily recognizable because of it’s strong and intense fragrance. The scent is so strong that someone across the garden can smell it. 

The plant produces small fragrant creamy flowers in the winter. When the flowers mature, they produce shiny black berries.

Srachyurus Praecox

TheStachyurus Praecox is a large deciduous shrub. It produces flowers in the winter and is one of the best outdoor winter plants. The flowers attract many pollinators. 

It is a hardy plant that can withstand a lot. It is also a low-maintenance plant that even beginners can grow successfully. It can reach heights of up to 4m tall.

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During winter most of the plants are dormant and both indoor and outdoor spaces can look lifeless. If you’re looking to bring some life into these spaces try growing some of these plants. 

I hope this post on the best outdoor winter plants gave you some ideas you could implement. Please don’t forget to share it and also follow me on Flowerthings Pinterest. 

best outdoor winter flowering plants



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