How to Grow Crocus flowers Garden and Pots

Learn how to grow crocus flowers easily. Crocus flowers are common perennial plants that are loved by many gardeners. They are a member of the iris family. The majority of the crocus flowers grow to be between 3 to 6 inches tall. They also produce cup-shaped blooms that have different colors including white, yellow, lavender, and purple.

The crocus is a hardy perennial plant that just like most other plants, blooms in spring. However, there are a few species of crocus that produce flowers in the fall.

Crocus Flowers Varieties and Types

The crocus perennial plant has over 80 species. However, only about 30 of them are grown commercially. The Dutch Crocus is one of the most common species and it’s also referred to as the Crocus Vernus. The species also produces the largest blooms amongst all other varieties.

Other common crocus species to consider including in your garden include the Crocus Chrysanthus. This species is one of the first to flower early Spring sometimes as early as late winter.

Crocus Sieberi which also produces flowers early. It is also loved by some people because it doesn’t grow tall and remains relatively short.

The Crocus Tommasinianus is also another early bloomer. It produces flowers with different shades of purple.

Crocus sativus is also a widely grown crocus variety. It is primarily grown in the production of teh spice saffron.

Growing Crocuses Flowers

Crocuses flowers can be successfully grown both indoor and outdoor. The plants can also do well either in pots, flower beds, planters, borders, and containers.

Crocus Light Requirements

Part of learning how to grow crocuses includes providing them with bright light. The plants can also grow when exposed to full sun. Unlike many other flowers, the crocus can easily tolerate direct sunlight. Part of the reason why it’s classified as a hardy perennial.

If you have space outdoor in the garden or yard and are wondering what flowers to establish in exposed spaces you should consider the crocus.

Crocus Soil Requirements

The crocus does well in all-purpose soil. It doesn’t require any special soil. It is also one of the plants that can still thrive in poor to average soil. However, the soil needs to be well-draining.

Growing Crocus Bulbs Outdoor Garden

Crocus flower bulbs should be planted during Fall especially when they are being established outdoors. When selecting the location, make sure to choose a place where the bulbs will not be disturbed all Winter.

As a precaution, you can mark the area out to avoid accidentally digging the flower bulbs up during weeding.

It’s also important to note that small animals such as squirrels, rabbits, and mice might pull them up for food. If this is a common problem for you, one of the ways of keeping your bulbs safe is by planting them in a protected flowerbed.

Plant the crocus bulbs in shallow holes and cover them under ½ an inch of soil. You should also provide the growing bulbs with mulch which can be from leaves, grass cuttings, and straw. Please ensure that the materials you use for mulching are not infected as it can transfer the infection to the tender plants.

If you are growing the bulbs in an area with a tropical-like climate and you don’t get much snow, water the bulbs throughout Winter. If you are growing them in an area that gets snow, water the crocus bulbs until the first snowfall arrives and then stop.

The bulbs should produce shoots that become visible when the snow cover melts. The beautiful blooms should appear in early Spring and last until early fall.

Growing Crocus Bulbs Indoor Pots

The option of planting crocus bulbs indoor is a great alternative if you don’t have a yard or garden. It is also a great option if you want to use the bulbs and flowers for home décor.

Fill your pot of choice with gravel, or small stones at the bottom. The layer acts as a safety net to avoid the bulbs sitting in water in case you over-water. Fill the rest of the pot with potting soil and leave about 1 and ½ inches at the top.

Dig small shallow holes about an inch apart and plant the bulbs before covering them with soil. Make sure to position the bulbs with the pointed ends facing up.

Water the setup thoroughly and allow water to drain from the pot’s drainage holes at the bottom. Place the setup in a cold dark place. The bulbs do well in a temperature range of between 45 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

Leave the arrangement for about six weeks. Conduct a weekly check to see if roots are growing out of the drainage holes. When the roots are growing out from the drainage holes, they are properly established.

This is the best time to move the crocus bulbs to a location with room temperature and bright sunlight. You can expect the blooms to appear in about three weeks from the time you move the bulbs.

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Crocus Flower Meaning

The crocus flower is associated with happiness and glee. When given as a gift, the receiver is being wished happiness and positive vibes.


Crocus flowers are a great addition to any outdoor or indoor space. Everyone should try growing crocus flowers. Establishing bulbs is easy compared to growing flowers from seeds.

Whether you are just starting gardening or are experienced, caring and growing crocus is easy.

I hope you found this post on how to grow crocus flowers helpful. Please share it and also follow me on Pinterest for more useful posts on all types of flowers and plants.

How to Grow Crocuses Gardens and Pots



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