multicolored flowers for gardens and pots

Multicolored flowers for gardens and pots that can be used to add color and interest. Although single-colored flowers are pretty, sometimes we all want to mix things up.

Multicolored Flowers for Gardens and Pots

Some of these flowers are low-maintenance and easy to grow while others are fussy. You can choose depending on your gardening experience or how challenging and experimental you want to make the experience.


Foxglove is grown in areas of the garden where vertical interest is needed. They produce beautiful pink, yellow, and rose flowers with white insides giving them pretty multicolor. They bloom in the spring.


Daylilies are low-maintenance perennials that are easy to grow even for beginners. They can tolerate neglect as well. They have the name because the flowers only last a day. However, they bloom profusely through the season.

They are available in different multicolor including petals in red and yellow, orange and yellow, white and purple, peach and purple.


Gladiolus are native to South Africa and are grown from corms. Do best when grown in direct sun and sandy loam soils.

They produce flowers on spikes that are great as cut flowers. The flowers can be found in multicolors with different combinations. Many of them have different shades of the same color. The flower petals have different shades of pink, purple, orange, yellow, and red. 

Multicolored gladioli flowers


You can plant either Tropical or Perennial hibiscus. The plants love moist soil so make sure to water them frequently for them to do well.

Hibiscus flowers are produced in multicolors of white and pink, red and maroon, orange and red, pink and red, white and purple, as well as purple and pink.

Passion Flower

Passion flowers are Tropical vines that produce stunning blooms. The flowers only last about a day only.

The plants produce flowers in different shades of blue, lavender, and purple combined with white.


Alstroemeria is also known as Princess, Peruvian, or Parrot Lily. It is a great cut flower and loved by florists because it has a vase life of about two weeks.

The plant produces lush foliage and bright blooms in different multicolors. You can get them in white and yellow, pink and yellow, orange and yellow, as well as white and red.

Blanket Flower

Blanket flower is also known as Gaillardia. It is an easy perennial that even beginners can grow successfully.

Although the daisy-like flowers are short-lived, they are richly colored. You can get them in orange and pink, yellow and orange, white and brown, as well as yellow and brown.

Tree Mallow

Tree Mallow is also known as Lavatera. The plant produces evergreen foliage that is also a fast grower.

The perennial blooms for a long time. It produces flowers in different shades of pink and purple.

Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris is beautiful perennial flowers grown for its striking blooms and sword-like leaves. They flower during the spring months.

You will get them in multicolor of purple and red, purple and white, white and yellow, blue and white, purple and white as well as orange and white.

Multicolored bearded iris flowers

Bat Faced Cuphea

The Bat-faced Cuphea is native to Mexico. It is a shrubby perennial that is easy to grow and low maintenance. The multicolored blooms have long tubular petals in red with purple bat-shaped ends.

Canna Lily

Canna Lilies are easy to grow and low-maintenance. They have a Tropical feel and provide long-lasting color in the garden.

The flowers are available in combinations of red and orange, red and yellow, as well as orange and yellow.


Coreopsis is also known as Tickseed. It is available as both an annual as well as a perennial. The flowers can be found in a combination of yellow and brown or white and brown.

Multicolored Rose Flowers.

Several varieties of roses are multicolored. There are very many varieties of roses, and it is therefore very important to check properly when making a purchase. Learn how to grow rose flowers.

The best varieties of colored roses include Betty Boop, Darling Spirit, Double Delight, Fourth of July, Mardi Gras, Purple Tiger, George Burns, Cajun Sunrise, Perfect Moment, Ketchup, and Mustard, Sheila’s Perfume, and Rock n’ Roll.


Pansy flowers can be grown in both spring and fall gardens. Some people love them because of the flower patterns that look like faces.

Pansies are available in white and black, yellow and black, purple and white, as well as blue and black.


Orchids are some of the most common houseplants. Unlike most other plants, Orchids do well when planted in wood chips and bark and not in soil. This is because they are epiphytes. Check this complete guide on growing orchids.

Orchids can be found as multicolors including in white and pink, purple and white, red and white, yellow and red, as well as orange and red.


Plumeria is small deciduous trees with tropical origins. They produce beautiful leathery leaves and fragrant flowers that bloom in the summer.

The multicolor flowers are available in yellow and white, purple, yellow, and white, red, and purple, as well as orange and red.  

Multicolored Flowers for gardens and pots


 Penstemons are a great choice for gardeners who want to attract bees. They are also loved for their long-flowering season. They are grown as perennials but most of the hybrids do well as annuals.

The multicolor flowers are available in red and white, purple and white, blue and purple, as well as pink and white.


Dahlias are grown from small tubers. The size of the flowers depends on the variety and are produced in the summer and autumn months.

The multicolored flowers are available in pink and white, maroon and white, orange and peach, as well as red and white. Check this post on how to grow and care for Dahlia flowers

Multicolored Dahlia flowers


There are very many types and varieties of multicolored flowers to choose from and grow. There are those produced by flowers, trees, shrubs which can also be perennials or annuals.

Consider what works best for you depending on your level of expertise as well as the type of plant best suited for the location and look you want to achieve.

I hope this post on multicolored flowers for gardens and pots gave you great ideas. Please share it and also follow me on Flowerthings Pinterest for more on flower and plant gardening.



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