30 White Flowers For Gardens and Containers

White flowers for gardens and containers that can be grown alone or with companions. Some of them are perfect for establishing Moon Gardens. You can also use them to break the colors in the garden as well as in floral arrangements.

White Flowers For Gardens and Containers

This post includes common and unusual white flowering flowers, white flowering vines, as well as white flowering shrubs and trees.


Dahlias are planted in the spring. You can easily grow them from small tubers. The flowers are available in a plethora of colors, so be careful when selecting all-white dahlias. Check this post on the complete Dahlias growing guide.

Matilija Poppy

Matilija poppies produce big flowers about 7 inches wide. The big flowers also have pure white 5-6 petals. Butterflies love Matilija poppies and are a great option if you want to attract them to your garden.


Gladiolas come in all kinds of colors including white. They are also sometimes referred to as Sword Lilies because of their pointed, long leaves.

If you want white summer flowering plants, Gladioli are a great option. Check this post on how to grow and care for Gladioli flowers.


Delphiniums produce spikes of pure white summer flowers. However, they are also available in other colors including purple, blue, and pink. Delphiniums can be challenging to grow especially for inexperienced gardeners.  

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum has a wonderful fragrance. It is a fast-growing ground cover plant that produces tiny flowers with four petals. They can be successfully in rock gardens, hanging baskets, borders as well as planters.  


Cosmos are another annual that’s fun to grow. Cosmos are easy to grow and reach maturity within two months. If you want flowers that will attract bees, birds, and butterflies, you will not go wrong with Cosmos.


Nemesia is an annual in most parts of the country sometimes it’ll grow as a perennial in different areas such as San Diego. It is a small plant that is perfect for edging, mixed borders, as well as ground cover.

Bear Breeches

Bear Breeches are big perennials. They produce big spikes of flowers and glossy green leaves. Most people grow Bear Breeches for their leaves rather than for their blossoms. The plant is also often recommended as a good architectural plant.


There are a lot of daisy species. Daisies are some of the easiest flowers to grow. Although they are available in all types of colors and shades, you can choose those with pretty white flowers.

These low-maintenance flowers are best planted in early to mid-spring.

Coral Bells

Coral Bells produce white flowers as well as a wide range of colors ranging from pink to deep red. The plants produce small bell-shaped flower clusters. They bloom in late spring all through summer.


Salvia or Sage is a favorite of many gardeners. It is best planted in spring and blooms in the summer all through autumn. Ornamental sage can be grown to attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.  


Agapanthus is also known as the African lily or Lily-of-the-Nile. They produce gorgeous white or blue flowers. These exotic-looking perennials are also easy to grow.

They are also drought-tolerant as well as pest-resistant. Avoid subjecting them to drought conditions because they will be reluctant to flower the following season.

white African Lilies


Yarrow is a great herbaceous flowering perennial plant. It can be grown successfully in herb gardens as well as in flower beds. It is also one of the easiest plants to care for because of its low maintenance.

The Yarrow plants produce tiny flowers that are tightly packed into clusters. 


Buckwheat should be sowed in late spring to late summer. The plant is easy to grow and just needs to be broadcast on cultivated soil. The plant produces many tiny white or pink flowers.

Butterfly Bush

The Butterfly Bush is a fragrant plant that butterflies love. It is a deciduous shrub that is also a fast grower. It produces long spikes with masses of blooms.

White Flowering Vines

Bower Vine

Bower Vine is an evergreen vine with oval leaflets. It produces funnel-shaped white flowers. Bower vines bloom during the summer and fall months. It is a great plant to establish when you want climbing plants for fences and trellis.

Pink Jasmine

The Pink Jasmine vine is very fragrant. It’s called pink because the buds are pink but when they open up, they present white flowers. The plant has a beautiful contrast between the pink and the flowers. It is a fast-growing vine.  

White Flowering Trees

Strawberry Tree

The Strawberry tree is a small evergreen tree. Some people think of it as a shrub. It is a decorative tree that produces broadleaves.

White Flowering Shrubs


The Grevillea is also known as Silk Oak and is native to Australia. It is a fast-growing shrub that produces a single main trunk.

Wax Leaf Privet

The Wax Leaf Privet is also known as Japanese privet or Texas privet is a favorite of many. It produces fragrant flowers in the springtime. It is a great plant for hedges as well as windbreaks and screens.


Cotoneaster is a great hedge plant. The evergreen plant produces clusters of small white five-petaled flowers. Plant them during fall to favor root development before the growing months.  


Camellias are some of the best winter flowers. They bloom from October to April depending on the variety that you have planted.

They can be a little finicky especially if not provided with the right conditions. Make sure you establish them in well-draining soil. Camellias also love low pH so they can thrive.

Iceberg Roses

Iceberg roses are a type of floribunda roses. They produce pure white fragrant roses in large clusters. This type of rose is highly disease resistant and hardy. It is a great rose type for beginners. Check this post on how to grow Rose flowers.


There are very many types of white flowers to choose from. Before you make a selection consider factors such as where you are planting, level of maintenance, and whether the plant is a perennial or an annual.

After these considerations, you will be able to choose the most appropriate white flower for you.

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white flowers types for gardens and containers



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