flower meaning perseverance

Flower meaning perseverance

Flower meaning perseverance is magnolia. It’s one of the many flower meanings searched for by people every day. Some meanings are common and well known by many people such as associating red roses with love. While some are rare and few people know what the flowers mean.

The flower that is commonly used to symbolize perseverance is the magnolia.  The flower is used to symbolize perseverance because it is a tough and hardy flower compared to many delicate flowers. The magnolia has adapted to changing climatic changes and geological conditions over the years and survived. The toughness of the magnolia has also caused it to be used to symbolize endurance and long life.

Magnolia flower

The flower meaning perseverance is magnolia which has over 200 species. The flowers are attractive and have fragrant blooms which form cup-like structures. Although white is the common color, the blooms are also available in other colors including mauve, pink, lavender, yellow, and purple.

The magnolias grow and bloom on trees and not on stalks, bushes or vines. The magnolia tree can live for 100 years another reason why they are the flower meaning perseverance.

 The flowers are pollinated by beetles and the sweet smelling fragrant produced by the blooms attracts them. The flower has also been used for centuries in the production of traditional medicine. Today, the magnolia is used in the production of different products including teas, herbs, and powders.

Meaning of Magnolia flower colors

Just like many other flowers, there are different means associated with the different colors of the magnolia blossoms.

  • White Magnolia is used to symbolize purity, nobility, and perfection. Commonly used in weddings and wedding bouquets to signify the purity of the bride.
  • The pink magnolia symbolizes innocence, joy, and youth.
  • The green magnolia is used to symbolize health, good fortune, and luck.
  • The purple magnolia usually symbolizes wishes of good health and good luck.

Other flowers that are used to mean perseverance

Bindweed which is also known as convolvulus is one of the flowers that symbolize perseverance. To many gardeners, the bindweed is a weed and not a flower. The plant produces pure white or pink flowers that are trumpet-shaped. The flower is used to symbolize perseverance because it spreads fast, takes over an area and is hard to kill.

Golden pathos also known as the devil’s ivy is also used to symbolize perseverance and longing. Mostly used in association with people who follow their dreams without giving up. It is a versatile plant that can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors.

I hope you found this article on the flower meaning perseverance helpful. Whether you want to gift someone some flowers or just wondering which flowers will symbolize perseverance now you know.

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