Meaning of Pansies Flowers

Find the meaning of pansies flowers and their symbolism. Pansies are widely grown in gardens, yards, flower beds as well as containers. They are some of the easiest flowers to grow even for people who are just beginning to grow flowers and plants. Many gardeners love them because of their charm and versatility. The blooms are gorgeous and also available in different colors including yellow, orange, purple, and red.

Meaning of Pansies Flowers

The meaning of pansies flowers is “love thoughts towards you” and “thinking of you”. Pansies are also used to symbolize admiration from one person to another. Just like many other flowers, pansies have different meanings associated with them. Check this article of 70 flowers with meaning.

Flowers for Secret Love

In past centuries some of the societies frowned upon open and forward expression of love and any romantic feelings. People had to come up with different gestures to communicate any interest or feelings they were harboring.

Pansy flowers became one of the flowers that were used to express love feelings towards potential romantic interests. In these instances, the interested party would gift pansies wrapped in herbs to the person they wanted.

Meaning of Pansy Flower

The flower was also used to symbolize a message of “I’m missing you” or “I remember you”. If a person had been separated or stayed a while before seeing a person they were interested in, they could use pansy flowers to communicate that they had not forgotten them.

Pansies February Birth Flower

It’s also important to note that pansies are the birth flower for people born in February. Check this article on the Birth Flowers of each month from January to December.

Pansy Word Meaning

Pansies are named after a French word which means penser. The word is used to express pondering over an issue or something as well as thinking something over. This meaning is included in the symbolism associated with pansy flowers.  

Pansy Flower Color Meaning

In the flower world, most of the flowers have different meanings associated with them based on the color of the bloom. As an example, although roses are associated with love, the meaning of pink, red, white, or yellow roses is different. Check this article on the meanings of rose colors as well as the number of stems.

The meaning associated with the color of pansies also differs depending on the color of the blooms.

Pansies Flower ColorMeaning
Pink Innocence
BlueTrustworthy, Calm
OrangeWelcome, Warm
WhiteGive me a chance

Pansies are also available in many other colors including burgundy, copper, purple, peach, as well as other pastel colors. The general meaning associated with these colors is gentleness.

Unlike other flowers such as roses that mostly have one color, pansies have different colors as bi-colors or tri-colors. This makes the meaning associated with the flowers complex.

Pansies Medicinal Uses

Pansy flowers are some of the edible flowers that can be included in different dishes. Check this post on 15 edible flowers and how to use them.

All parts of pansies are edible. The plant has been used for centuries in Chinese herbal medicine. They are used in easing headaches and dizziness. The plant also contains saponins that give it anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used in the management of respiratory infections.

Growing Pansies in Gardens

If you are considering growing pansies in your garden, they are a great flower. Check this post on how to grow pansies.

If you grow you own pansies do they have the same meaning as those received from another person? If you grow your pansies the meaning is different compared to when you receive them as a gift.

Growing your pansies will give you good cheer as well as a clam and clear mind.


Pansies are beautiful flowers. I personally love them because they have different characters. I hope you found this post on the meaning of pansies flowers symbolism helpful. If so, please share it with friends.

meaning of pansies flowers and symbolism



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