Simple Flower Boutonnieres

Simple Flower Boutonnieres

Making simple flower boutonnieres for guys, grooms’ men for weddings, proms, and other parties doesn’t have to be difficult. It only takes a few minutes to make some elegant pieces. You can also use fake or real flowers depending on the flowers you have access to as well as your preference.

In this article, we will look at different ways of making simple flower boutonnieres.


  • Floral tape
  • Greenery
  • Different types of flowers
  • Twine
  • Pins
  • Ribbon
  • 24-gauge floral stem wire
  • Floral clippers
  • Ribbon scissors


Trim all the greenery and the flowers and separate them according to the different types. Please note it’s possible to work with flowers that have sufficiently long stems that don’t require wiring. However, if you are working with roses, they definitively require to be wired.

Wiring Flowers

In these arrangements, I did not work with flowers that required wiring but I included the process because you may require to wire flowers for different boutonnieres and other floral arrangements.

First, begin by cutting the flower from the stem and leave a short stem as short as ¾ “to 1”. If you are working with roses, feel free to remove any over open petals. Alternatively, if working with two roses, remove all the guard petals in one and leave them on in the other rose to create some contrast.

Cut the floral stem wire into smaller pieces about 6” and insert it through the base of the flower. Be careful not to damage the petals. Bend the two wires downwards and cross it off so as to form an artificial stem.

Fix one end of the tape at the point where the wires cross. Stretch the tape to activate its gluing quality, twist it around the floral wire as you roll downwards and cover the wire all the way down. Pinch the tape off at the end.

Grouping Your Flowers

Group your flowers and greenery. Begin by arranging the small foliage at the back and position the flowers in front. There is no right or wrong way of doing this, just make sure the arrangement looks good to the eye.

Cut a small piece of the floral tape and stretch it to activate the glue. Position the end of the tape at the exact same point where you are holding with your fingers to make sure the flowers and the foliage don’t move around as you begin to wrap. Wrap the tape around the stems until you are satisfied that they are secure.

Finishing the Simple Flower Boutonnieres

Twine Finish

Cut a small piece of twine that will cover a significant portion of the stems. Hold the end of the twine near the top and begin to roll it around the stems forming neat rows. When you get to the end, you can tie it off and trim the edges or touch the end with glue and fix it. Trim off any excess stems after the twine ends.

Ribbon Finish

Place glue at the end of your ribbon and fix it near the top of your boutonniere. Wrap it around the stems making sure everything is neat. When you reach the end, put some glue and fix it to ensure it doesn’t unravel.

When working with ribbons, you can get creative and give your boutonnieres different looks. You can wrap them from bottom to top and instead of using glue you tie a simple knot at the top. After making a firm knot, you can make some folds and patterns with the remaining ribbon to create more details.

Insert your pins and your simple flower boutonnieres are all done.

Boutonnieres Storage

Because boutonnieres can be made a day or two before the event, make sure to store them in water to keep them fresh. Use a small container to make sure only the tiny stems are resting inside the water and the twine or ribbon is not soaked in water.

If you used flowers that required wiring such as roses, then you need to refrigerate the boutonnieres. Refrigeration is also the only option if you wrapped the ends completely or cut off the stems to just below the ribbon or twine.

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