Blue Hydrangea Meaning And Symbolism

Blue hydrangea meaning and symbolism are not well known to most people. Despite the fact that blue Hydrangeas are just as common as pink hydrangeas, many people don’t know when to gift them to someone. Before you send blue hydrangeas to anyone, check the meanings associated with them below to avoid some awkward situations.

Blue Hydrangea Meaning

The blue hydrangea meaning and symbolism can vary from region to region as well as from one culture to another.

It is also good to note that the meaning associated with different flowers is mostly put into consideration when they are given or received as gifts and not when they are growing in gardens or pots.

Blue Hydrangeas Symbolize Regret.

You can send someone blue hydrangeas as a way of expressing regret over something that you did or didn’t do. As an example, if you took someone for granted and now regret it, you can send the blue hydrangeas.

Blue Hydrangeas Symbolizing an Apology.

If you want to tell someone you are sorry you can use blue hydrangeas. This symbolizes that you accept your mistake and would like to express your apologies.

Blue Hydrangeas Symbolizing Rejection

If you receive romantic interest from someone but are not interested, you can use blue hydrangeas to express your lack of interest.

As an example, if you receive blue hydrangeas after a romantic proposal, then the person is not interested.

Blue Hydrangeas Symbolizing Coldness

Blue hydrangeas can also be used to express feelings of frigidity and coldness. If a person wants nothing to do with you, they may send you blue hydrangeas.

Blue Hydrangea Symbolism

As stated above the symbolism of flowers also varies from culture to culture. In some Asian cultures, the appearance of blue hydrangeas growing in front of the house is not always a welcome sight. The blue hydrangea flowers are associated with death.

In other cultures, the blue hydrangeas are used to express feelings of sympathy. They are a perfect flower gift for a grieving family that has just lost a loved one.

The sympathy meaning is associated with all colors of hydrangeas and that is why they are often included in sympathy arrangements as well as funeral flowers.

White Blue Hydrangea Meaning

White blue hydrangea meaning can be confusing. The white hydrangeas are used to symbolize abundance and wealth. Consequently, the flowers are associated with being boastful and proud.

The meaning associated with blue hydrangeas is as discussed above. So when the white and blue hydrangeas are mixed it can send different messages and can be confusing.

However, white hydrangeas are also associated with purity and grace. The symbolism makes the white hydrangeas perfect for sympathy and funeral flower arrangements.

The combination of white and blue hydrangeas in sympathy arrangements will deliver both messages perfectly. The hydrangeas can also be used in combination with other flowers to bring the arrangement together.

On any other occasion, if you receive white-blue hydrangeas, the sender was most probably just sending you beautiful flowers. They are most likely unaware of the meanings associated with different flower types and colors.


Blue Hydrangeas are pretty flowers both when growing in gardens and pots as well as when included in floral arrangements. However, before you gift them to someone it’s good to understand the meaning behind them.

The meaning is especially more pronounced if the bouquet doesn’t have any other flower types. You don’t want to send the wrong message to your significant other, family, or friends.

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Blue Hydrangea Meanings And Symbolism



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