Tulips are the third most popular flowers in the world and are only presided over by chrysanthemums and roses. Tulips are also the most colorful and most popular of the Spring flowers.

If you are looking for a bouquet that will get you into the spring mood, this is it. The flower is cup-shaped with a long green stem and a member of the lily family.

Tulips exist in over 150 species and in excess of 3,000 varieties. The main producer and exporter of tulips in the world is Holland. The tulip farms are breathtaking.


Tulip farming is reported to have begun in Asia and mostly grew in the wild as early as the 10th century. The flowers are so versatile that they can grow in containers, flower beds, borders and in cutting gardens.

Tulip mania was the period between 1634-1637 when the tulips were so expensive and were said to cost more than ten times the average salary.

Tulips come in different colors including, red, pink, white, purple, yellow, cream, among others. I must say tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers to look at, for me at least.

Tulips also come in different shapes and sizes. The flexibility of the tulips makes them a great flower for decoration.

Varieties of Tulip Flowers


The different varieties are known for different aspects.

The Classic Dutch Tulip is oval shaped and highly symmetrical. This is the common type of tulip that most people know off.

The Green Tulips have a green streak along their petals giving them a quitter appeal compared to the other varieties. The variety has also been noted to have an extended bloom compared to the others.

The Wild Tulips comprise more than one color (bi-color or multi-color). They are star shaped and are thought to be the original tulips before breeding to produce the oval-shaped tulips.

The Parrot Tulips have ruffles on their petals which often comprise more than one color. The parrot tulips are often mixed with other tulips of similar color when planting them of making a bouquet. The flames and flare on the petals add flamboyance and uniqueness.

The Double Tulips are also known as the peony tulips. They contain three or more layers of petals unlike the other types of tulips. The peony tulip has a full flower that is fragrant.

Although the color of tulips is not heavily used to convey the certain message as is the case with roses, tulips are used to symbolize perfect lover, dreaminess, and imagination.

Tulip bouquet

Tulip flower arrangements

As cut flowers, tulips can be used as mono or multicolored. Pure white tulips in a white vase are subtle and elegant. While mixtures of different colors bring warmth into a room.

The tulips are also used together with other types of flowers to make amazing bouquets for different purposes including everyday home and office decoration. The choice really depends on the look you are trying to achieve.

Did You know:

  • Tulips continue to grow for at least an inch while in the vase.
  • The tulip petals are edible.



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