On mother’s day, I wanted to send some beautiful flowers to my mum. So I sought flower delivery near me services and I was hoping that the flowers will reach her on an actual day and not after. The experience got me thinking about popular flower delivery near me options.

Flower delivery near me options includes 1-800 flowers, Teleflora, Proflowers, Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD), Flowerpetal, The Bouqus Co., Sendflowers, Amazon, Urbarn Stems, BloomNation, Farmgirl Flowers, Venus Et Fleur, BloomThat,, andThe Fiftyflowers. I also looked at things to consider when selecting flower delivery near me services. 

Fresh cut flowers are an awesome gift any day of the year not to mention for different occasions. Whether you are purchasing them for yourself or for someone else, flowers are an instant mood booster. In fact, some studies suggest that giving patients flowers helps with quick recovery.

Flower delivery services are sometimes lacking and make the experience daunting or even embarrassing.

Let’s assume it’s a normal day at the office, nothing spectacular, nothing extra annoying. Its almost midday and it hits you that it’s your wife’s birthday today and being a man, you forgot (just like the majority of men do). What do you do? You pick up your phone or laptop and Google “flower delivery near me” or even “same day flower delivery services”

The reason why I referred to the list below as “popular” and not “best” is because it’s hard or even impossible to guarantee that you will get the same quality of flowers via online purchases.

The companies outsource the orders to local florists, meaning that one florist can be called upon to fill orders for a number of companies.

Flower delivery services

It is also not uncommon for florists to arrange the flowers differently from what is advertised on the website, meaning there is no guarantee you will exactly what you ordered. Finally, the florists may have different quality of flowers on different days. But hey, they do deliver beautiful flowers.

Popular flower delivery service companies

The 1-800 Flowers

The company not only offers nationwide delivery but also international delivery, I am talking from India, the United Kingdom to Brazil.

This flower delivery near me option also has a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional arrangements for every occasion including birthdays, sympathy, anniversaries you name it. They also have a wide price range (they have flowers for every price point). They also have gift baskets that you can send together with your flowers for that wow factor.


Teleflora allows you to order same-day delivery up to 3 pm (life-saver for when you forget that special day)

The company also offers stunning bouquets and has a huge variety of flowers. Teleflora allows you to choose between standard, deluxe or premium bouquet when making an order.

The company provides an opportunity to include other gifts such as chocolate and balloons.

Rose flowers

The outstanding thing about this company is that it allows you to select a bouquet by providing information such as price range, occasion and they generate a bouquet arrangement for you.


ProFlowers provides online tracking for your order as well as an email confirming your delivery. The company also allows you to enhance your order with food, jewelry, stuffed animals among other small gifts.

Another plus for this company is that they allow you to customize your order with a wide variety of vases. If you choose not to include a vase, the flowers are delivered in a well-secured box and the recipient has to assemble them.

Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD)

The company ships nationwide and offers a vast range of flower bouquets. The bouquets are delivered already assembled which is a plus.

The company also allows you to make orders on categories such as wildflower collections, same day delivery, get well soon as well as different occasions.


The company allows you to make same-day flower delivery orders up to 2:00 pm on weekdays and up to 12:00 noon on Saturdays in the recipient’s time zone.

The company offers nationwide delivery to the majority of the locations in the U.S. and in Canada

The flowers are delivered depending on the order that you make, they can be assembled and in a vase.

The Bouqs Co.

This is the only flower delivery service that you can be sure that you will get the exact arrangement you see on the website (the company doesn’t work with local florists).

The company boasts of providing farm-fresh blooms, that is, fresh-cut flowers from the eco-friendly farms to your door.

The flowers are only cut after they have been ordered, meaning they will be delivered fresh and hence will last longer.

The company offers scheduled deliveries where you can book a delivery for a specific date like an anniversary or birthday (perfect for those people who keep forgetting special days)

The company also offers nationwide deliveries. They also have same day deliveries with shipping available from Tuesday through Saturday.

The company also has the “Bouq of the Month” worth considering when you shop from their site.


The company has a wide selection of flowers. They also offer a category of bouquets which are sold for under $30 which is not present with other flower delivery services.

However, just like most of the others, they also offer gift baskets, plants, balloons, bears and small presents.

The company also offers same-day delivery up to 3 pm within the recipient’s zip code.


Amazon has a selection of fresh flowers with two-day delivery. The free shipping option is for Prime members who also get scheduled or same-day deliveries depending on the location.

The company also allows buyers to include small gifts in the order.

The unique thing with Amazon is that you can order single flowers and assemble them when they arrive to get a customized bouquet (not a good idea if you suck at flower arrangements).

Urban Stems

The company offers flower delivery services in the lower 48 states. Same-day delivery is only available in D.C., Austin, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York.

The company also provides different options when making an order including of course the flower bouquets, plants, and gift boxes.

Urban Stems also offers subscription services.


BloomNation has a wide variety of unique flower bouquets to select from depending on the occasion or desired end result.

The company delivers nationwide.

The bouquets are beautifully arranged and delivered by one of the 2,000 florists who work with BloomNation.

Farmgirl Flowers

The company delivers to the lower 48 states. It is also important to note that this company only offers one arrangement per day (a great concept aimed at reducing floral waste).

The company also sources their blooms from local farms and delivers them burlap-wrapped.

They also allow you to include gift boxes and snacks in your order.

Venus Et Fleur

Flower delivery service

The company sells real roses in a box that can be shaped like a square, rectangle, circle or a heart. The roses require little or no care, in fact, they do not require watering.

The company only sells roses and no other flowers, The process they use to preserve the roses also allows them to add color to them, meaning you can get roses in colors that can’t be found in nature such as pure blue.

You are, however, advised not to remove them from the box and keep them away from direct sunlight.

The roses are rather pricey at $299, but the sellers promise they will last for a whole year (I can neither deny nor confirm this promise).

The company ships nationwide.


The bouquets from BloomThat have a rustic touch (I like it). The company describes themselves as a modern florist, in fact, they have an app which allows you to send flowers to the press of a button.

The curated bouquets are delivered custom packed in a ribbon-tied burlap.

The company also does bouquet paring, where a bouquet or plant is paired with a small extra gift.

They also offer gift baskets that can be brought together with the flowers.


The company offers bouquets to match any occasion even just because. They also have many plants, gift baskets, balloons, cookies as well as fruit bouquets.

They also offer same day delivery up to 2 pm for deliveries within the recipient’s time zone.

The Fiftyflowers             

The company boasts of unique bouquets. They also let you select flowers based on color (quite interesting).

The company offers arrangements that range from single-arrangements to complete centerpieces.

The Fiftyflowers, are well known for supplying wedding flowers that have been featured severally in different magazines.

Things to consider when using flower delivery near me services

That being said, the world of flowers has taken longer to catch up with changing times. A few years back buying stuff online became a thing.

Flower delivery services, however, took longer to provide the needed services. The delay is probably excusable since flowers are perishable and begin wilting the moment they are cut.

So, before you make that order, let’s look at some of the things you should consider when seeking the much-needed flower delivery services:

Do they have hidden costs:

You finally zero in on a cute bouquet of flowers (after a significant amount of time searching through their Website) and you are comfortable with the price. You add the bouquet to cart and just when you are about to check out, you are hit with extra charges. Some of the online flower delivery services have hidden service fees.

Delivery options:

The delivery options vary from company to company and it is important to check which ones are available.

If you are a husband who forgot about an anniversary or birthday, you probably want a company that offers same day delivery. Be cautious though of the limit of same-day delivery, for some it is at 10:00 am, others 12:00 noon while others extend the time up to 3:00 pm.

Majority of the companies offer next day delivery or two-day delivery. Some offer to ship on specific days like Tuesday through Saturday.

The basic package:

The items included in the packaging differs significantly from one company to another. Some may include a vase (most likely not the one you had seen in the photo when making the order).

The companies may also include flower food sachet, which may or may not be accompanied by a set of instructions. They will tell you to cut off about an inch of the flower stems before putting them in water.

The package from some companies can also include small gifts such as snacks, candy, stuffed animal jewelry, and gift boxes depending on what you want to get your loved one.

Bouquet arrangement:


It is important to consider that the different companies have different ways of delivering the flower bouquets.

Some deliver assembled bouquets that match closely or are similar to the photo you had seen on their Web sites. This is definitely the best option because you have an idea of exactly what you are purchasing and what will be delivered.

Others, however, deliver stems in a box and expect the recipient to arrange them. To be honest, when you are paying all that money to a florist, it is only ideal to expect the flower bouquet to be delivered assembled and Instagram-worthy.

Tracking and customer service:

When you order something online it helps if you can track it. Some flower delivery services have tracking options that allow you to monitor your order and know if it has been delivered or not.

It is also important to consider whether the company has some level of customer service. It is possible to have issues with your delivery and it is only proper to be able to speak to a customer service representative to resolve the problem.

I hope this list of flower delivery near me options will be helpful the next time you are purchasing a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or a gift basket.



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