Perennial flowers list with perennial shrubs and perennials for full sun and shade

If you are seeking to learn more about perennial flowers and perennial plants you are in the right place. Perennials are some of the best flowers you can grow and many of them are perennials that bloom all summer. There are also very different types, perennial flowers blue, perennial flowers blue, perennial flowers purple, and all types of colors.

Perennial flowers include Lavender, Russian sage, Hydrangeas, Shasta daisy, Garden phlox, Yarrow, Daylily, Coneflower, Hardy hibiscus, Black-eyed Susan. Flowering perennials purple include Purple Emperor Butterfly Bush, Grosso lavender, Clematis Jackmanii, Caesars Brother Iris, May Night Salvia.

The flowering perennials blue include Blue Plumbago, Big Blue, Blue waterfall bellflower, Blue false indigo, Insomnia blue eyes. The flowering perennial yellow flowers include Coreopsis early sunrises, euphorbia bonfire, Harvest of memories iris, Lady’s mantle, Lemon drop evening primrose.

There are so many different types of perennial flowers. To be honest you will be spoilt for choice when selecting what to plant.

Perennial Flowers that Bloom All Summer

Perennials are the plants full of colorful flowers and bring great beauty into your garden. Not all the perennials grow throughout the season. There are some varieties of perennial flowers that bloom all summer.

These plants blossom for a longer period with their adorable colors. When other flowers bloom for a brief period these perennial flowers that bloom all summer will keep your garden looking vibrant.

The plants also thrive and produce many flowers in many growing zones. The everblooming perennials need full Sun otherwise they become dull. They also need general plant care to thrive although compared to many other flowers it’s still minimal care and maintenance.

Lavender Perennial flowers

Lavender perennial plants are the herbs known for their scent and rich purple color. Growing lavender plants in your garden will definitely beautify the outdoors. These plants are some of the perennials with a long blooming period.

Their sweet fragrance purifies your indoor environment. The perennial plants are also tolerant of drought and heat which is not always the case with other types of perennials. Lavender is used in cooking to add flavor and aroma to your food. It is also used in the making of cosmetics have which have extracts of this flower.

Lavender as a heat tolerant perennial

Who does not love to grow lavender for its fragrance alone? That’s why a lot of us plant it. It’s also one of those super low-maintenance perennials that will bloom almost all the way through the entire summer. They are drought tolerant, heat tolerant and they attract pollinators just like the Russian sage.

The wonderful thing about lavender is that there’s like a hundred different varieties of the plant. A couple of my favorites that I have the most experience with are sweet romance and Munstead.

I just recently planted a hedge of sweet romance in front of our vegetable garden fence. I choose that one because of the mature size which is only about 12 inches tall and 18 inches wide. I wanted a petite perennial at that location so that fit the bill perfectly.

The other one that I love is Munstead which will grow to about 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide. I just put in a new hedge of the perennial this summer. I’m really excited to see them grow. The same rules that apply to Russian apply to the lavender as well.

They like a ton of Sun in fact for all these plants the more sun they get the happier they’ll be. Lavender also does not like a ton of water it can rot really easy if it’s sitting in water. It really likes porous soil where the water can just run away quickly.


Hydrangeas are also long-lasting perennial flowers that bloom all summer season. The blooms have large heads which enhance the beauty of your garden. The different colored heads remain in the garden for a long time. There are lots of varieties of hydrangeas that include elk leaf, pinnacle big leaf, and others.

Pruning of hydrangea plants increases the blooming period. Planting the perennial flowers under full Sun as well as providing adequate water supply also helps the plants do well. There are different shades of blue, purple, and pink. The color of the hydrangea is based on the pH of the soil.

Shasta Daisy

The historical name of the daisy was days. It looks like the sun and gives a reflection of the sunny outlook. It is actually an herbaceous perennial having the look of a classic daisy plant.

These perennial plants have flowers that bloom in the form of clumps all through the summer. The white and yellow color combination of these flowers is good to see. These plants need minimal care and they brighten the look of your garden in the summer season.

Garden Phlox

The garden phlox is a perennial plant which blooms through long summer seasons. The blossoms last till the fall. This plant is famous as the sun-loving perennial.

The flowers bloom in the form of thick columns which feel soothing to the eyes. There is a great variety in the common flower colors such as pink, white, lavender, coral, violet, and red.

This plant needs care on your part because the foliage of the plant is often destroyed by the powdery mildew disease.


The Yarrow flower is native to Europe. It is also known as a thousand leaves and also belongs to the herb category. Just like the lavender, it blooms throughout the summer season making your garden look awesome.

This herb is used for medicinal purposes. Today, this herb needs very little care and grows perfectly on any sort of soil without requiring much attention. It produces white flowers that are tiny and firm in terms of appearance.


The daylily is also the part of the hard-perennial flowers which bloom throughout the entire summer season.  Abundant flower buds are produced on this plant which blooms for a long period.

You can get various colors of this perennial plant. Another advantage with this plant is that it tolerates the summer heat and the flowers remain fresh as ever. The daylily is perfect for those seeking perennials for full sun.

The popular variety of the daily is the Stella De Oro which is a bright yellow colored flower. The plant also needs little care to do well.

Russian Sage

Russian sage is also a perennial plant that blooms all summer. It’s a shrub-like a plant in appearance. The bluish-purple flowers bloom on this plant throughout the summer season. The blue-colored flowers are very rare. The foliage of the Russian Sage is grey-green in color and it survives in dry weather conditions.

Russian sage as a heat resistant perennial

I absolutely love this perennial because of how low maintenance it is. In fact, you oftentimes see it a lot in commercial landscapes because it provides so much color without hardly any work. They can take the heat; they can take the drought.

They attract pollinators like crazy and they bloom about midsummer all the way through frost. They start blooming right about the time when our first flush of summer perennials is already done.

For us, our daisies are dianthus all those kinds of things have been cut back and we’re waiting for them to reflash. In the meantime, it’s really nice to have something that will kind of pick up the slack.

The other thing I love about the Russian sage is that it comes back fresh from the ground every spring. Typically, in late fall I’ll go in and kind of moat down to the ground and then I get to enjoy fresh growth every year.

My absolute favorite variety is called denim and lace. I like it because of its height. Traditional Russian sage will grow anywhere from like five to six feet tall and wide. You need a pretty good area like a pretty good space to grow the plant.

On the other hand, denim and lace only grow to about two to two and a half feet tall. It’s really easy to tuck it into the landscape. You can actually plant several of them around an urn and they will grow perfectly.

It grows to be a perfect size and it stays compact and it doesn’t flop over. Some people complain that the Russian sage flops over right from the center. The perennial plant only flops either from getting too much water or not enough light.

Coneflower Perennial Flowers

Coneflower is also known as the Echinacea and is suitable to grow in hot and sunny places. The perennial flowers bloom for long summer months beginning mid-summer. If the soil of your garden is poor, then you don’t need to worry because this plant will survive very easily.

The flowers remain on the stem for a long time before they wilt. The rich colors of this flower include red, orange, as well as wild purple which is a common color.

The perennial flowers bloom all the way through frost they also attract pollinators and are generally winter hardy. The other thing about them is that there are so many varieties available in all kinds of different colors and sizes that it’s impossible for you not to find one to fit your particular growing situation.

Coneflower Perennial Varieties

Some of my favorite varieties are those with pink tones because I tend to like cool colors. I also like classic Magnus. It’s a beautiful purple perennial variety coneflower. I also like white swan, green envy, big sky, and summer sky ideal if you like something with a little bit more punch.

Lakota fire is a new one and it’s really pretty. The sedum is tough it actually doesn’t start blooming midsummer but it starts setting its buds. Its growth habit and the buds are so pretty that they make the plant appear gorgeous all season long. The sedum is also really drought tolerant, heat tolerant, and attracts pollinators.

The plants are winter hardy perennials and they also come in a lot of different sizes and colors. I tend to like the upright structure seen in varieties such as the autumn joy a classic favorite. I love the color of the blooms it’s coral-like and like a smoky pink.

Other varieties include the lemon Jade which produces yellow blooms. You don’t often see that on an upright sedum. Pure joy is also a more recent variety that is growing in popularity.

Hardy Hibiscus Perennial Shurbs

The hardy hibiscus is also known as the perennial hibiscus plant. This large perennial plant has colorful blooms in the summer months this plant like all other perennials needs full Sunlight exposure to grow well.

The large-sized flowers are beautiful to behold. The flower is available in different colors including pink, red, and white. The surprising thing about the flowers is that they last for extended periods. The flowers also lack fragrance so don’t expect any scents from these flowers.

Black-eyed Susan Perennials

The black-eyed Susan is also a popular perennial flower. it is a climbing plant which grows in the form of vines. It has a long blooming period. When you grow them indoors, the bright red, peach, ivory, pink, and apricot shaded blooms will refresh your mood.

There is heavy blooming on black-eyed Susan vines and there are perfect perennial climber plants. People who have lots of available space in their yard are advised to plant them along the fences and paths. They make the entire view a spectacular one.

Varieties of Black-eyed Susan

The most popular variety is goldsturm. These are such wonderful naturalizing perennial plants that start to bloom midseason. If you have these along with some echinacea and maybe some sedum right in front of them you get an absolutely stunning display.

There are also a lot of varieties of annual or tender perennial Rebekah’s that are absolutely beautiful. A lot of them don’t survive in zone five. Examples include cherry brandy, Denver sunset, Cherokee sunset, and Irish eyes. These beautiful group of plants also attracts pollinators. I notice honey bees and butterflies on them all the time.

Perennial Flowers List, Purple

Purple perennial flowers bring a lot of bright colors especially if they have showy blooms.

Purple Emperor Butterfly Bush

This is a new cultivar of the butterfly bush that won’t crowd out its neighbors in your garden. It’s most valued for superior ornamental features that are particularly attractive to butterflies. The Bush grows to about 4 to 5 feet in zones 5 to 9 and is in the perennials for full sun.

Grosso Lavender Perennial Flowers

It has attractive blue-green evergreen foliage, hundreds of large purple flower spikes, which make an incredible display from mid to late summer.

The flower has spikes that are dark blue-purple spikes compared to all the other French hybrids. It grows to be about four to five feet tall in zones five to nine and is one of the perennial flowers for full sun.

This clematis perennial flower is known for its broad petals and deep rich purple color. When its flowers first open up, they transition from deep purple to a lighter violet as they get older. They bloom from midsummer to early fall. They grow best in zones four to eight and thrive in full sun to partial shade.

Caesars Brother Iris

It has rich deep wonderful blue flowers with several blue-green leaves. They bloom from late spring into the summer and grow to be about three feet tall. The iris is among the easy growing of its kind. It needs plenty of water throughout the season to look its best. It is ideal for zones three to nine and perfect perennials for full sun.

The perennial plant has bold purple stems loaded with violet-purple flowers which bloom from June into October. It has blue-grey foliage and makes an attractive accent all summer long. It grows to be about 18 inches and thrives in full sun.

If you are interested in finding more about purple flowering plants check this article.

Perennial Flowers List, Blue

Perennial flowers blue in color are also available for blue color lovers.

The Blue Plumbago Perennial

It is a wonderful ground cover perennial plant not to be confused with the tropical plumbago. The blue plumbago rises to only six to ten inches high and is covered in gorgeous blue blooms all summer which continue into fall. During the fall the blue flowers keep coming while the leaves turn into a blazing orange-red. It does well in zones five to nine and is also in the group of great perennials for full sun.

Big Blue Perennial Flowers

The plant is an arching grass-like perennial that produces spikes of thick lavender flowers throughout summer. The flowers mature into blackberries that survive well into winter giving additional decorative appeal. The big blue is a strong little plant which suffices as a ground cover or for use in difficult areas where a vibrant splash of color is needed.

Blue Waterfall Bellflower

The blue waterfall bellflower is a bold flowered ornamental perianal. You can plant several of them an edge along with a perennial bed garden or walkway. They can also thrive as patio plants for any yard.

The perennial flower provides a waterfall of blooms that last from late spring and into summer. Grows in zones five to eight and they’re perennial flowers for full sun to partial shade.

The Blue False Indigo

The blue false indigo is a standout perennial brought natively from fields all over. It can now be seen in almost any neighborhood and front yard across the country. It’s a bushy perennial with vibrant blue-green foliage.

These flowers have blue spikes which are what separates them from each other. It does well in zones three to nine and thrives in full sun to partial shade.

Insomnia Blue Eyes

The perennial plant provides three wonderful seasons of color and texture in your garden. They thrive on average soil and full Sun to partial shade. They do not require stocking to stand up nice and tall.

The only pruning necessary is to cut the seed heads off in the fall unless you want more seedings. These native perennial loves to reseed. Ideal for zones four to nine and grows to be twelve to sixteen inches tall.

Perennial Flowers, Yellow

For people who love perennial flowers, yellow perennials are a must-have. They produce some of the brightest blooms in different shades.

Coreopsis Early Sunrise

The coreopsis early sunrises are the shining star among yellow flowers. This all-American selections Gold Medal Award winner has yellow flowers flushed to orange-yellow near the center. Grows in zones three to nine. This perennials for full sun will also grow to be about 24 inches.

Euphorbia Bonfire Perennial Flowers

The euphorbia bonfire is a wonderful new ground cover perennial. The leaves have a green color when they appear but soon turn to a deep red.

Unlike other euphorbias that are made to run the fall this one displays its beautiful red color all summer long. It is perfect for zones five to nine and thrives in full sun to partial shade. It will grow to be about 12 to 18 inches tall.

The Harvest of Memories Iris

The perennial plant performs beyond beauty alone. It features a reliable reblooming nature that begins mid to late spring and puts on its show again in late summer. Grows well in zones three to also requires full sun to partial shade. It will grow to be about thirty to thirty-eight inches tall.

Lady’s Mantle Perennial Plant

This is a brilliant foamy cluster of tiny starlight flowers with velvety soft olive-green leaves. The flower colors range from yellow to green and blooms in late spring to early summer. It grows to a height of 18 inches and a spread of eighteen to twenty-four inches. The ideal zones are three to seven and thrive in partial sun.

This is an evening primrose that is quickly gaining popularity among gardeners and garden writers. The lemon drop is a proven winner perennial plant and also the recipient of the Editor’s Choice Award from Country Living Gardener. Ideal zones are five to eleven and require full sun to partial shade. Also grows to be about eight to twelve inches tall.


I hope this article was useful in helping you learn a little more about perennial flowers and perennial plants.  Be it choosing perennials that won’t shrivel up and die ones the heat of summer sets in or the different bloom colors produced by different types of perennials.

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