Red Rose Bouquet DIY

Red Roses Bouquet DIY

Red roses bouquet DIY is one of the beautiful, traditional, and classic designs. It is one of the most common flower arrangements possibly because roses are the most popular flowers. The red colored roses are also a favorite of so many people, myself included.



Strip all your roses of all the foliage. I sometimes leave a few of the leaves one or two right at the top because I think it looks kind of pretty to see the natural foliage. Strip everything else off, all the thorns, the leaves, and everything else. Some people also prefer removing all the leaves, it really is a question of preference.

Check the rose heads for any petals that have blemishes or just look ugly. Carefully remove them by tagging on them with your fingers. You can get some more DIY floral arrangement tips here.

Organize all the other supplies and spread them out on the working space. Preparation is key when making a bouquet. You will hold the flowers with one hand during the process and will be very limited on what you can and cannot do. You can’t strip off extra leaves halfway through with just one hand.


Begin by picking your first center rose, always go for the largest one.  Next lay your second rose right alongside it but slightly lower. Proceed to arrange the other roses all around the focal rose at the center positioning them all slightly lower. You will basically have five roses surrounding the center rose.

The shape you want at the end is like a dome. So, as you and the second row of roses keep the final design in mind. The best way to achieve the curve is to place the rose heads at an angle, that way it will fan out nicely. If your hand gets tired, you can switch over with the other one.

You should also look for symmetrical placement of the roses as you go around deciding where to place them. You should also hold the rose stems firmly at the point they cross. However, your grip should be loose enough to allow you to make any adjusts up or down on the rose.  

Stop from time to time and hold the bouquet with both hands and check how everything is coming together. I personally like to make my arrangements in front of the mirror and will stop and take a look at the arrangement. The placement of the roses should result in a semi-circle. It gives it the best look. Check for any gaps and fill them with roses.

When working with roses, the stems have some flexibility and you don’t have to worry about hurting them. Turn your arrangement from side to side and make sure it looks good all the way around.

Tying the DIY Red Rose Bouquet

If you are satisfied with the position of the roses. Really I can’t emphasize how important it is to have the semi-circle. Pull the roses up or down until everything is neat and in place.

Take the floral tape and tape the arrangement together at the point where your hand was holding the stems. Some people also use wax string for the tying. You can use either as long as you have access to it and you’re comfortable using it.

At this point, you can take out any leaves that are too low along the stems. Bring all the stems together and get them straightened out. Wrap the stems the second time leaving enough length to hold the bouquet with both hands. The roses are right next to each other, and you had held them firmly when arranging them so they’re not really going to lose their spot.

At this point, you can have a final look at your rose bouquet and decide if you are happy with everything or there is an area you need to add a rose to bring everything together.

Additional Foliage

This step is optional and you can skip it entirely. Some people don’t like the look of plain rose stems at the back of the bouquet. To remedy this, you can add some foliage and cover the bare stems.

One of the foliage that is perfect for this job is the Italian Ruscus. It’s very beautiful, very lacy, and delicate. Add pieces of trimmed greenery all around the back of the bouquet. Position them properly and make sure they are evenly distributed.

If you find it overwhelming to hold onto the bouquet as you add foliage all around, you can add it in bits, and tape down each bit. When you are finished, tape everything down and make sure nothing is loose.

Using a clipper, trim down any foliage that is extending above the roses, or that is angled in a funny way. In this type of rose bouquet, you don’t want a ton of foliage, so trim off any excesses. You just want it to look a little bit natural without overpowering the roses.

Finishing The Look

To give the red roses bouquet DIY a finished and polished look, you wrap it with ribbon. Hold on to the ribbon with one finger at the top and wrap around the stems with the other hand. Go all the way down till you get to the length you want it. For normal arrangements, it’s usually the length you can place your two hands next to each other.

Cut the ribbon at the end. Turn the raw edge under and then hold it in place with pins. Since the stems are fresh, the pin goes right through without much resistance.

You could also add a layer of lace at the bottom and at the top of the ribbon. You could also put some crystal gems in the middle of the roses. Some people also make a ribbon bow just to beautify the bouquet. This is purely optional and the list of things you could do is endless. It all depends on your level of creativity.

The next thing you want to do is cut off the stems at the same length. Make sure the tool your using is sharp enough and will give a clean cut. Cut the stems off slightly below the ribbon not right at the end of the ribbon. This is necessary because you want to store the bouquet in a vase with some water and you don’t want the ribbon to get wet. Storing the bouquet in a vase keeps it upright, protects it from getting bruised, and also allows the flowers to remain fresh for longer.


Making hand-tied bouquets is one of those arrangement skills that you perfect over time. If the first time you attempt making one it doesn’t turn out perfect, don’t worry, next time it will be better.

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