Best Types of Lilies for Sunny, Shade, and Water Gardens

It can be hard choosing the best types of lilies for sunny, shade, and water gardens. There are very many varieties and planting the wrong type in the wrong location can result in less-than-ideal outcomes.

Types of Lilies

The term “lily” is used to describe a diverse family of plants in the Liliaceae family. They come in all shapes and sizes, but there are two main types: true lilies and Asiatic hybrids.

True lilies are the ones that grow from bulbs and have a trumpet-shaped flower with three petals and six stamens. The most well-known of these is the white Madonna lily, which has been cultivated for centuries.

Asiatic hybrids are plants from Asia that produce flowers with six petals. These can be used as cut flowers or even in floral arrangements because they last longer than true lilies do.

Best Types of Lilies for Shade Gardens

Shade gardens are a great way to introduce color, texture, and variety to your garden. The following plants are some of the best shade garden lilies.


You cannot go wrong with lilies in your garden. Daylilies are one of the easiest types of lilies to grow and maintain. Their flowers bloom in a variety of colors and patterns, requiring minimal care.

In addition to being easy to grow, daylilies also provide shade for other plants in your garden. They are also great companion flowers and will grow side by side with other flower types without any problems.

Tiger Lilies

Tiger lilies are just gorgeous. They produce beautiful flowers that are bright orange with black speckles. They are one of the tough lily types that are not very fussy and will do well in different growing conditions.

They are a great perennial to include in your garden. They also have long flowering periods and will bring color to your garden.

Japanese Lilies

Japanese lilies are also great for shade gardens. Japanese lilies are an excellent shade garden plant and can tolerate direct sunlight. They require a lot of water to thrive, but they make up for this by blooming constantly.

Easter Lilies

This perennial lily produces beautiful large trumpet-shaped white blooms. This type of lily is perfect for planting directly in the ground as well as in containers.

Ginger Lilies

Ginger lilies are a type of perennial that can be grown as an ornamental plant. They are very easy to grow and maintain, so they’re perfect for beginners.

They produce beautiful flowers that range from yellow to orange to red in color, depending on the variety. They require full sun or partial shade and are hardy in zones three through eight.

Types of Lilies for Sunny Gardens

if you have an area of your garden that receives a lot of sun, you can try growing some lilies. You can also try growing your lilies in pots that can be moved away from the area if you are worried the sunlight will be too much for the lilies.

Oriental Lilies

The most common type of lilies is the Oriental lilies. They have a strong, sweet fragrance and come in a wide variety of colors. The flowers are large and can grow up to 12 inches high.

The other popular type of lilies for sun gardens is the Asiatic lilies. They have a light, sweet fragrance and come in shades of pink, white, yellow, reds, and oranges. They grow up to 3 feet tall but they also last longer than Oriental lilies.

Lilium Lilies

Lilium lily is another popular type of flower that can be grown in sun gardens. They come in shades of orangey-pink with purple spots on their petals. These flowers grow up to 10 inches high and last for about two months before they start drooping down towards the ground

Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies are a great addition to any outdoor garden. This flower is an excellent bloomer and is loved by pollinators. Stargazers produce flowers in a variety of colors and sizes, so there is a type for every landscape!

Madonna lilies

The Madonna lily is a member of the lily family and can be found in many gardens throughout the world. This lily type loves the sun. The flowers range from white, yellow, orange, and red. These plants are native to Asia but are grown all around the world. The most popular use for these plants is as cut flowers.

Types of Lilies for Ponds and Water Gardens

Lilies are one of the most popular water garden plants. There are many different types of lilies, but here are some of the most common ones.

Water lilies or the nymphaea species  

The nymphaea species are perfect for ponds. These lilies are hardy plants that can thrive in both shallow and deep water and produce flowers all summer long. They are a beautiful addition to any pond and can be grown from seed or as a cutting from an established plant.

Calla lilies

The calla lily is a type of lily that can be grown near or around water gardens or ponds. The lily grows in a clump and has an orange-red center. The calla lily is easy to grow and has a very pleasant fragrance. It also does well in colder climates.


The daylily is another type of lily that can be grown near or around water gardens. This lily plant can be found in many different colors and shapes. Daylilies grow on long stems with flowers on either side. They typically grow up to two feet tall, but there are some daylilies that can reach up to four feet tall.

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Final Thoughts

The best types of lilies for your garden are the ones that can grow in your climate and soil conditions. They also need to be able to thrive in shade or sun, depending on what you have available.

I hope this post on the best types of lilies for sunny, shade, and water gardens was helpful. If you love flowers and houseplants don’t forget to follow me on flowerthings Pinterest for more.

Best Types of Lilies for Gardens



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