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You can easily make all white sympathy flowers DIY using different types of flowers. This type of floral arrangement can be made with any type or variety of flowers you have access to. You can use hydrangea, orchids, lilies, calla lilies, daisies, gerbera daisies, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, carnations, and roses. To begin you want to take a vase, this could be any vase that you have laying around your home or you can purchase the vase.


Arrangement Process

I like to use just a basic clear glass vase. Make sure that it’s large enough to hold all the flowers you want to use in the sympathy arrangement. Fill the vase with water up to a 2/3 full.

Then take a packet of floral food, you can use a packet that you have at your disposal that you usually get with new purchase flowers from a florist. However, this packet is primarily sugar and some acidity, you can probably recreate that at home. The water and flower food ensure that your flowers are absorbing sufficient through their stems and staying hydrated and alive for much longer.

Use some greenery to create the base of the arrangement. You can use whatever greenery you like or have at the moment. But you want to ensure that you follow this step because otherwise, your flowers will not maintain their general shape. They will fall and become lopsided and it’ll not look pretty.

Adding Primary Flowers

If you want extra security you can also include some branches in the arrangement. Once this is completed you are going to start with your tallest flowers. You can begin with snapdragons. I do this for a couple of reasons, number one, snapdragons are of course tall flowers. The second reason is that they have extremely delicate stems.

So, you want to be mindful of inserting the flowers with the softest delicate stems first. If you leave it for the last step you run the risk of having the flower stem snap break and the flower, therefore, becomes unusable.

Trim the end of the stem to open it up to ensure that the water is permeating the stem that they are being hydrated and this will ensure that the flowers stay fresher for longer. So, it is very crucial to start with the taller stems first. This will give it that general structure and will allow the flowers to look the way that you want them to look. It will give the sympathy flowers that dimension.

Next, you can take hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are very important flowers they give that illusion of fullness and they fill up space quickly. You only need a couple of hydrangeas to fill up the space of an arrangement. They also create that voluminous dimension that makes it so easy to then put the secondary flowers in between them and fill the gaps.

One important thing to note about working with woody stems like hydrangeas is that when you are cutting the stems do not simply slice horizontally. Ensure that you’re slicing through the center of the stem. Splitting the stem a few inches opens the flower this will ensure that the water is permeating the stem.

This is especially important when working with hydrangeas because they are so prone to collapsing and perishing. So, do make sure that you’re slicing the stem through the center to open it up and to let the water permeate the stem.

Secondary Flowers in Sympathy Arrangements

The next step involves inserting your secondary flowers as I call them. They’re just the flowers that are not in the formation of the base but provide texture. They also create depth of dimension and fullness.

So, you can use whatever white flowers that you wish this is entirely customizable. You can design whatever you like as long as you ensure that the proper base is in place.

Put the taller stems almost towards the top of the arrangement and the shorter stems towards the ends. This again ensures the flowers are arranged in height allowing the arrangement to have a pretty shape.

It also helps ensure that none of the flowers are swallowed up and that they are all visible. This is especially important when making large all white sympathy flowers arrangements DIY.

Floral Arrangement Tips

It is advisable to work with one type of flower before moving on to the next. As an example, finish inserting all the lilies in the arrangement before moving on to calla lilies. This will allow you to achieve a balance that is critical especially for a vase arrangement that will be viewed from all angles.

Also, don’t forget to turn your vase as you insert the flowers. This will ensure you don’t over-work some sides and under-work other sides.

Next, take some lilies and filling in any gaps. You can also use any type of flowers that allow you to fill in those gaps. Include flowers that create unique textures to the arrangement.

You can include flowers that are not only beautiful and unique but also the long-lasting flowers. Next, you can add some gerbera daisies. These are beautiful with their wide-open faces. Very useful in filling gaps.

Next, you can add some lilies. So, in these steps, you are simply filling in the gaps. You are also reinforcing that height, that structure, and that dimension that you’re looking to achieve.

You want to ensure that you are very mindful of the stems of your flowers at these final stages. The vase is significantly full and you have to wiggle the stems into the sympathy arrangement.

If the stem is particularly delicate and is prone to snapping, be careful when inserting the flowers between the stems already inside the vase. Ensure that you are carefully putting it in and that you’re not shoving it.

If there is resistance when you are inserting the stem, take it out make try again. If you shove it in, it will snap the flower and then you’re going to have a flower that is not usable.

Finishing All White Sympathy Flowers DIY

To finish up you can use some flowers such as daisies that are fairly inexpensive but are very full. White daisies will allow you to fill in any gaps between the flowers without really sacrificing too much money. I love daisies because they are also very long-lasting.

As you’re moving along if you see that there is some asymmetry and some stems are not sitting properly you can always adjust them.

In the end, you’re left with an arrangement that is very different in heights but also maintains is full voluminous texture. It will also have a pretty shape and have a bit of dimension.

At this point I also sometimes add some roses, you can add any flowers that you like. Of course, roses tend to be a little bit tall so you will likely put them towards the top of your arrangement. However, you can also trim their stems shorter and put them at any height as you wish.

Roses have fairly firm stems so you don’t have to worry too much about snapping them. Unlike flowers like tulips, snapdragons and gerbera daisies where the stems require a bit more caution. However, this does not mean that you can force your way through the gaps in the arrangement try to be very gentle in maneuvering each piece of flower.

Insert all your flowers until you fill that there is no more room in the vase. I recommend using flowers that are not particularly expensive but are still very different in texture and shape.

All White Sympathy Flowers Bow

You can attach a bow to your sympathy arrangement as an added detail. However, this is completely optional and depends on your preference or the recipient’s preference.

There are special bows for sympathy flower arrangements with different words that you can purchase. However, you can also take any white ribbon and create the bow to fit the design.  

If you like DIY projects check this post on different types of DIY funeral flowers.

That’s it for all white sympathy flowers arrangement DIY. I hope you found this post helpful. Please share it and also tag me on photos of your arrangements, I would love to see them.

Simple DIY sympathy flowers arrangements



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