how to arrange flowers in a pot

Learning how to arrange flowers in a pot is important for indoor and outdoor gardening. Arranging flowers to create beautiful containers begins by letting go of your inhibitions. There is no right or wrong way and we should be willing to experiment a bit.  If you’re new to container gardening arranging different plants in a single container may seem a bit awkward at first. 

If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed when making the decision the following fundamental methods will help you begin to easily combine plants of your choosing.

The Single Flower

If you are worried and don’t want to take the risk, you can keep things simple and plant one plant in one container.  If the right plant and container are paired this can be as striking a display as a container overflowing with a variety of plants.

I personally have taken this approach when planting a flower that I was heavily invested in seeing succeed. Having the plant in its own pot makes it easy to take care of it and facilitate its growth.

Multiple Plants  

 Alternatively, you can up the ante and plant two plants in one container, three plants in one container and so on. Adding more plants does not create greater difficulty when planting.

However, it is important to remember to group plants with similar lighting, soil and water requirements together to ensure the health and vitality of each plant in the container. This will ensure that your container continues to thrive and that no plant in the container is struggling to survive.

Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers

A tried and true method or arranging plants in containers is to use a combination of upright, broad and trailing plants in a single container. You will often see these three types of plants referred to as thrillers, fillers, and spillers used in pots of all sizes.

Combining the three creates focus, balance, form, contrast, rhythm, and proportion within your container garden. Check out this article on the best flowers for pots that you can include in your arrangements.


Thrillers, as I am sure that you can guess by the name, are often the boldest and most exciting element of your container. When choosing your thriller, you are looking for a tall upright plant.  Choose plants with interesting flowers, colors and/or foliage.  Picking an interesting thriller can help shape the rest of your container.

When learning how to arrange flowers in a pot, the thrillers are often used as the main focus of the container. The main flower acts as a guide for positioning the other flowers.


Fillers are chosen to add volume to the container while complementing the thriller. Choose fillers with colors that compliment your thriller or create contrast. Choosing different types of leaves and flowers to create contrast and texture should also be considered.

Fillers are primarily complementary and should not steal the focus from the thrillers.


Spillers are chosen to soften the edges of the container.  Adding spillers creates an overflowing display that gives the feeling of fullness and life in your container.  Choosing spillers with colors, leaves, and flowers that compliment or contrast the other components of your container will tie your entire container garden together.

Spillers are great additions especially on hanging and raised pots. The trailing flowers add a great dimension to the pot and can change the entire space.

Arranging Flowers in a Pot

Using the thriller, filler, spiller method is a great method to start creating different combinations in containers. It helps you create beautiful containers/pots almost instantly.

Don’t be afraid and have a little bit of fun. Experiment a little and you will begin creating beautiful containers in no time. Try using this method and if you do not like the results you can always take apart the arrangements and start over.

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