edible flowers recipe lollipops

Edible Flowers Lollipop Recipe

Edible flowers lollipop recipe that can be used to make beautiful party treats. The recipe is easy to follow and not time-consuming. The lollipops are a beauty like pieces of art or jewelry because we’re putting fresh spring flowers inside of them. For any sweet tooth out there, the results are a delight.

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You start by making a hard candy It’s also important that you have a candy thermometer. Put the saucepan on medium-high, start by adding the granulated sugar, corn syrup, and water. Keep this on until it starts to bubble. While your sugar is heating up you might be tempted to stir it but don’t.

As soon as it gets to 75 to 80 right before it gets a to 85 you take it off the heat and add the few drops of the flavor and a few drops of the color. Stir the mixture while watching out not to stir too much because you don’t want the sugar to crystallize. You should have a thick syrup.

Lightly spray the candy mold with nonstick cooking spray. This makes it easier to take the lollipop out when they are ready. Using a spoon, carefully put a little bit of the syrup mixture directly into the mold stopping halfway.

Adding flowers right on top. You can use tiny little orchids, daisies there’s a whole list of flowers that you can use check this article on edible flowers. You want to make sure that they’re organic and edible. Cover the flowers with more mixture and add your lollipop stick. Twist it ever so slightly so that the entire thing moves inside the mixture and is coated.

When making edible flower lollipops you really need to work efficiently and carefully because this mixture is very hot. Leave them for five to ten minutes to allow them to harden and you should easily be able to pop them out of their molds.

The beautiful lollipops can make great wedding favors, DIY edible gifts You can have fun with the flowers you decide to use by using the same color or different colors same type flowers.

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