Fake floral arrangements

Fake Flowers Arrangements

Fake flowers arrangements are one of the easiest and cheapest ways of decorating any room. You can make beautiful and elegant floral arrangements that last for a long time. Using fake flowers also ensures that you get flowers in colors that would otherwise be difficult to find in real flowers.


  • Fake flowers
  • Silk floral foam
  • Container
  • Wire cutter
  • Glue (if making a large arrangement)

Decide on a color scheme and choose your flowers with that in mind so that the flowers work together and you get a beautiful end result.

Check out this article on how to use floral foam for fake flowers and get some useful tips.

Container selection

You can find many different containers anywhere including at home decor stores, craft stores, or even repurpose some that are already available in your house. For this arrangement, I chose a container with a little bit of height because I’m going to make a large floral display. Always remember that the wider the container’s mouth the more flowers you need and the smaller the mouth the less the flowers. You can also choose containers with a bit of character to add interest to the arrangement.


The first thing is to put in place the floral foam since it’s what anchors our flowers into the containers. Normally I’ll measure it and figure out how big it needs to be before I shove it down into the container.  However, when working with a delicate arrangement, I prefer to glue it into the container. So, I measure it by placing it in the container, if it’s too tall, trim it down to the right size. Then use glue to secure it in place.

One of the keys to making elegant fake flowers arrangements is choosing flowers that look as realistic as possible. Although they are a bit expensive real-touch flowers make some of the most beautiful flower arrangements.

When working with fake flowers especially as a beginner you can follow a simple method of choosing a large flower, a medium flower, a small flower, and a filler flower.

Before you begin inserting the flowers in the foam, first decide the shape of your design. As an example, if you’re going to place the arrangement on a circular table, you can make a round arrangement. You can always try to follow the flow of the table or place you are going to place the display.

Also, make sure you are using wire cutters that are sharp to make the trimming process easy as well as avoid hurting yourself. There are also other tools that you can use including different types of pliers.

Process of making fake flowers arrangements

Start with a long flower, trim it and place it on one side of the container. When trimming the flowers, try to cut them at an angle, it makes it easier to place them in the foam. If the flower is too long trim it some more until you are satisfied with the length. Feel free to bend it downwards to position it well and make sure it lays properly.

Repeat the same for the other side. If making a round arrangement, repeat the same process around the container, making sure to adequately space the stems. You can also place one right at the center to determine how high the arrangement will be.

For this arrangement, I started with the large flowers first. I love hydrangeas not only are they beautiful but you also get a lot of volume for the price.  They are actually awesome when making large floral arrangements.

One of the easiest ways of determining how much to trim is to hold the flower next to the container. Always remember you have to give yourself room to put the stem down into the foam. Basically, the bigger the flower, the harder it is to insert in the foam.

Another thing I love about working with fake flowers is that you can decide to reduce or eliminate the amount of foliage without worrying that you will end up using too many flowers.

Add the flowers in a balanced way all around the arrangement keeping in mind the shape you want in the end. After you finish positioning and inserting all the tall flowers, move on to the medium flowers.

For this arrangement, I chose peonies. Trim them up a little and place them in the arrangement, in-between the large flowers. Keep the framework of the arrangement and remember to balance them out so that you don’t have more on one side and fewer on the other.

Next move on to the smaller flowers. Follow the same pattern of placing them around the arrangement. It is advisable to stop from time to time and check whether there is any side that is unbalanced. Add some flowers as needed and also fill in any gaps that are visible.

Finally, add the filler flowers all around the arrangement. After trimming them and placing them in the arrangement, you can bend them to maintain the flow.


To add a bit of texture, and movement, trim and add several stems of greenery at the rim container. Just like with the flowers, make sure to spread them evenly all around the arrangement. There are very many types of greenery available to make sure to choose those that blend well with the flowers you selected.

After finishing everything, take a step back and evaluate how everything looks. If you notice any gaps or out of place flowers, fill them up or bend the stems to the perfect position.


Your elegant fake flowers arrangements are done. Anyone can do this; you just have to watch out for the balance and not to overstuff it. Fill the gaps with little fillers whether it’s little teeny flowers or just a little bit of greenery.  

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