simple roses anniversary flowers

You can make simple roses anniversary flowers easily at home. The number of roses you choose to use depends on what you have available. If you have just a few, you can make a seven roses flower bouquet. If you have more, you can make a 12 roses flower bouquet. I love these types of floral bouquets because you can use them for different occasions including birthdays and other celebrations such as graduations.


Red Roses Anniversary Flowers

When making your arrangements, there are no hard rules. Let your creativity guide you. Over the years I have learned that when it comes to flowers, what one person likes is not what another person likes.

In this type of arrangement, you can have the red roses in a bunch at the center as shown in the video surrounded by the baby’s breath. You can also have the red roses and the baby’s breath mixed up in the bouquet in a balanced way.

I have also made similar bouquets with different types of roses. I do this especially on request or when I know the recipient’s favorite rose color. For example, when making the bouquet for graduation I some times use pink roses instead of red and wrap the bouquet in pink wrapping paper.

You can spray the leaves to give them a shine. It adds an extra glow to the whole arrangement.

Simple Arrangement For Beginners

If you found the arrangement above a bit advanced, you can try this second one. The arrangement also requires fewer materials. There are also different ways of wrapping the bouquet as you can see below. Try different ways to see what works best for you.

Feel free to check this post on Mother’s day box flower arrangements.

I hope you found this post on simple roses anniversary flowers helpful. Please share it and as usual, tag me on photos of your bouquets, I love seeing what people create.

Pretty Roses Anniversary Flowers



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