Frizzle Sizzle Albuca Spiralis Care Guide

Frizzle Sizzle Albuca Spiralis care is easy. The Frizzle Albuca Spiralis is a bulb that is native to South Africa. It’s also commonly referred to as Albuca Frizzle Sizzle or the Corkscrew Plant. This awesome looking plant has become a popular indoor plant for many homes. Plant owners love it for its curl, corkscrew-like leaves that form at the top of the plant. It is also an easy plant to grow even for beginners.

Frizzle Sizzle Albuca Spiralis Care

Light RequirementsBright Light
WaterOnce per week
SoilSucculent mix
RepottingEvery 2 -3 years
Dilute FertilizerOnce per month

Frizzle Sizzle Light Requirements

The indoor plant enjoys a bright sunny spot. This can be next to a Southern facing window or under indirect Sun. The sun not only helps with the overall growth of the plant but also with the spiraling of the leaves.

Watering Frizzle Sizzle

Being from South Africa, the plant is quite tolerant of drought.  It also goes through a period of dormancy when it is allowed to dry out. The best way to water the plant is to allow it to dry out a little bit between waterings.

This is also one of the houseplants that will forgive you if you severely dry it out if you happen to be away on vacation or just forget to water it.

It’s important to note that if you don’t water your Frizzle Sizzle during summertime and it goes for long periods of extended dryness, the plant will go into dormancy. All the leaves will die back and you’ll remain with a bulb.

This doesn’t mean the plant is dead, but you will have to wait for the dormancy period to end and a new plant to form.

If you keep the plant moist during the summer period, oftentimes it’ll continue to grow and hold its foliage.

Frizzle Sizzle Flowers

One of the interesting things about the Frizzle Sizzle is that it does flower. The blooms are very beautiful and heavily scented. They are produced on a tall spike that appears from the middle of the long leaves.

The blooms have different shades of yellow and green undertones. They are not big and several blooms appear on the stem. They are also droopy in appearance.  

Frizzle Sizzle Problems

Straight Uncurling Leaves

One of the issues that Albuca Spiralis owners experience is losing the spiral in the leaves. Sometimes, the plant’s leaves become straight and are no longer spiral or coiled. This can be especially disappointing for plant owners who got the plant for its unique leaf shapes.

One of the things that cause the Frizzle Sizzle to straighten its leaves is allowing the plant to go into flower. Some Frizzle Sizzles can produce flowers without the leaves straightening while others cannot.

The same plant can behave differently during different growing seasons. One season it produces flowers without losing the spiral leaf form and the next season it loses the shape.

It’s also important to note that once the leaves have straightened, they cannot coil back and form the spiral shape. The only way to get back the spiral leaves is to allow the plant to go into dormancy. Stop watering in the summer, allow the leaves to die back, and remain with the bulb. Once the bulb regrows, the new leaves will have a spiral shape.  

If you, don’t want to risk your Frizzle Sizzle losing its curls, you can trim the flower bud when it appears.

Dry Leaf Tips

The Fizzle Sizzle often gets brown leaf tips. Having the leaves turn brown is normal. You can simply groom them off with your fingers so they’re not so unsightly.

Although the brown tips are rather common, they can be accelerated by a lack of enough watering. The brown tips also tend to increase when the plant is going into flowering. It is focusing its energy on new growth.

Frizzle Sizzle Drooping

Frizzle Sizzle drooping is caused by a lack of enough water. Although the plant is a succulent, it is less drought-tolerant compared to other types of succulents.

Water stress will cause the leaves to droop. If rectified in time, the plant will recover and grow healthy again.

Best Pots for Frizzle Sizzle

Frizzle Sizzle Albuca Spiralis care also includes growing them in pots that will support proper growth. The best pots for Albuca Spiralis are clay pots. The pots can save you if you overwater once in a while.

Fertilizing Albuca Spiralis

Just like most other houseplants, the Frizzle Sizzle do appreciate some feed from time to time particularly during the active growing season. Take care not to overdo it especially with flowers being bulbs succulent type plants. If you do, you run the risk of the bulb getting too soft.

You should feed them probably once a month with a dilute liquid fertilizer solution during their active growth. Even if you’re going to keep them green all year round you can slow down on feeding during winter.

When the light level is low, the rule of thumb with all feeding is to back off. The exception to this rule is if you have plants that continue to push out new growth.

Propagating Frizzle Sizzle

Over time the plants get quite large and produce offsets. If you wanted to make more plants out of the offsets you could simply separate them from the mother plant at the base. Pull the plant out of the container and divide it separating each of the offsets.

Each of the offsets can be grown successfully into an individual plant. It’s important to note that the Frizzle Sizzle takes years to develop offsets. So, if you’re looking for new plants fast, you are probably better of buying new ones.

Repotting Frizzle Sizzle

Frizzle Sizzle can grow in one pot for up to two or even three years before they require repotting. The plant is not a fast-growing house plant. You will know it’s time to repot when the plant fills the current pot.

When repotting Frizzle Sizzle, use a normal succulent soil mix. It is porous and drains fast. This is important because it prevents the plant from getting root rot.

Make sure that you give the plant a good drink after potting. The rest is just to enjoy your plant as you wait for it to form new bulbs after a few years.

Many plant owners, grow Albuca Spiralis for many years without encountering any problems. The only thing to watch out for is root rot which is caused by overwatering.

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If you’re considering getting a Frizzle Sizzle, you should get one or two. It’s an awesome, gorgeous houseplant that is super easy to care for. A great conversation starter and great home décor plant.

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Frizzle Sizzle Albuca Spiralis Care complete Guide



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