How To Make Funeral Wreaths Flower Arrangements

Learn how to make funeral wreaths flower arrangements DIY. The wreaths can be made from frames with different shapes. This open-heart wreath arrangement is a great flower arrangement that can be used both during the service as well as at the burial site. It is also one of the easy ones to make and is ideal, to begin with when testing your hand in DIY funeral flower arrangements as it does not require a lot of expertise. The sizes can also vary from small ones to significantly large ones.


  1. Open heart floral frame fitted with foam.
  2. Frame stand.
  3. Garbage paper if your frame doesn’t have a back covering.
  4. Tape
  5. Florist scissors
  6. Color coordinated mix of flowers (chrysanthemums, roses, carnations, baby’s breath) etc.
  7. One type of foliage (sloe leaves or any other ever-green you have access to).

How To Make Funeral Wreaths Flower Arrangements

  • Soak the foam in water. Wrap it all around with the garbage paper (if it doesn’t have a back cover) and secure the end of the paper with tape. The wrapping ensures that all the water does not drain out helping the flowers last longer.
  • To begin adding the first set of flowers, start with the fullest of them all. In this case, the roses cut the stems long enough to fit in the foam securely but short enough not to go all the way through and hit the back.
  • Arrange the roses all around the ring spacing them methodically. In this arrangement, you can just arrange them vertically and with no diagonal placements.
  • Cut the second color of rose flowers and place them strategically between the main ones. Cut and pop the smaller roses in the spaces between the big roses. The third set of flowers should be placed on the sides, to create a full look as well as provide a pleasant look for those looking at the arrangement from the periphery.
  • Add the baby’s breath in any remaining gaps between the flowers. Split it up to get some small pieces for all spaces, don’t forget the center.
  • Add the greenery, cut the sloe leaves to have a leaf or two and stick them underneath the flowers both on the outside and inside. It not only covers the foam but also lifts up the flowers.
  • You can also add a ribbon that matches with the flowers used in the arrangement on the inside part of the top section. Remember to consider the size of the arrangement when selecting the size of the ribbon.
  • Attach the arrangement to the stand using binding wire.

Types of DIY Funeral Wreath Flower Arrangements

Other DIY funeral flower arrangements that are made in the same way as the open heart arrangement include the standing cross, the closed heart, the square-shaped funeral wreath, and the traditional round wreath. The only thing that is significantly different is the shape of the frame holding the floral foam.

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How To Make Funeral Wreaths Flowers Arrangements



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