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An effective lavender soil mix recipe that I use in containers as well as for ground planting. The soil is well-draining but on the slightly dry side.

When you plant your lavender in the proper soil you will enjoy beautiful purple flowers and a soothing fragrance. In order to grow healthy and productive lavender plants, it is important to understand the soil conditions that they prefer.

If the soil is too moist, the plant can become susceptible to root rot, which can be fatal. In this article, I will provide a recipe for a lavender soil mix that will help you create the perfect growing environment for your lavender plants.

Lavender Soil Mix Recipe


Coarse Sand:

Coarse sand is one of the key ingredients when making a good lavender soil mix. The sand is made up of larger particles than regular sand, and it is used to improve drainage.

We mix it with soil because it helps to create spaces between the particles, which allows water to drain away quickly. This is important for lavender because it doesn’t like to sit in water-logged soil.

Pumice or Perlite:

Another ingredient that is essential for a good lavender soil mix is perlite or pumice. These are volcanic rocks that have been heated to a high temperature until they expand.

The pumice is lightweight and has a porous texture, which makes it ideal for improving drainage and aeration. Like coarse sand, perlite or pumice helps to create spaces between the particles in the soil, which allows water to drain away quickly and oxygen to reach the lavender roots.

Garden soil or Potting soil:

This provides a source of essential nutrients for the plant. Garden soil or potting soil is rich in nutrients and minerals that are necessary for healthy growth. It also helps to hold water and retain moisture in the soil, which can be beneficial in certain circumstances.

Compost or Manure:

To boost the nutrient composition of the soil, mix in compost or well-rotted manure into your lavender soil mix.

Compost or well-rotted manure is a great source of organic matter, which improves soil structure, aeration, and water-holding capacity. Additionally, it adds essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that lavender plants need to grow.

Bone Meal or Blood meal:

Adding a bone meal or blood meal is completely optional. I have had great results without adding it to some of the lavender soil mixes that I have made over the years. They are used to give lavender plants a boost of phosphorous and nitrogen.

Phosphorus is important for root growth and blooming. Bone meal is a natural source of phosphorus and also provides calcium. Nitrogen is also important for the healthy growth of leaves and stems, blood meal is a natural source of nitrogen.

Mix the above ingredients in the ratio of Coarse sand 20%: Pumice 20%: Garden soil 50%: Compost 10%. Remember that not all soils are the same, you might need to adjust the recipe according to your soil type and climate

How to Use Lavender Soil Mix

I use this recipe for container gardening, both indoors and outdoors, or for planting lavender plants in the ground. It’s best to amend your soil with the mix before planting your lavender plant, so the roots can take advantage of the perfect soil mix.

If I am planting my lavender in an existing garden bed, I mix this recipe mix into the top few inches of soil around the plant. Check out this list of other easy-to-care-for flowers that you can grow together with lavender.

Final Thoughts on Lavender Soil

In conclusion, creating the right soil mix for your lavender plants is an important step in ensuring healthy and productive growth. By following this recipe, you will be providing your lavender plants with well-draining soil that is slightly on the dry side, which is what they prefer.

Additionally, the ingredients in this recipe mix will provide essential nutrients, organic matter, and minerals to your lavender plants, creating the perfect growing environment for them to thrive. If you love flowers follow me on flowerthings Pinterest for more awesome flower posts.

Lavender Soil Mix recipe



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