DIY Heart-shaped succulent planter arrangements

If you love succulents, you should try DIY heart-shaped succulent planter. This heart-formed succulent planter makes an awesome gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day or just because! I love the idea because it’s an uncommon gift but very thoughtful and realistic. Plus, it’s a fun little project that anyone can put together

Growing succulents in different types of containers are a great idea. Check this post on unusual planter ideas. If you have old bathtubs and toy cars don’t throw them away. Growing beautiful succulents in them is a great way to repurpose them. Check awesome ideas for repurposed planters.

All the succulents used in the planter can be purchased from Leaf and Clay. They have all types of succulents including the common types such as echeveria as well as some rare and weird collections.


  • Heart-shaped planter
  • Succulents
  • Moss

Be sure to get a variety of succulents. Once it’s all put together, they will look beautiful as the display will have different variations, colors, and textures.

DIY Heart-shaped Succulent Planter Arrangement Instructions

You can make succulent planters in different shapes. You can also search online for pictures on different shaped planters.

To begin with, fill up the planter with a significant amount of moss. Don’t overfill the planter. Leave enough room that will fit the succulents.

Get rid of excess soil from the roots of the succulents. If the soil around the roots is tight, be sure to loosen it up. This can enable the roots to unfold easily without any problems.

Begin by placing each of the succulents in the planter from one side. Make a small hole with your hands or a small shovel and place the succulent in it. Push some moss around the succulent’s roots.  This will help hold the succulent in the position you want it in.

After you’ve established all your succulents, check that you’re okay with how each of the is positioned. Also, check that they all look good together. You can also add small amounts of soil if you notice a lot of empty space between the succulents.

After you have got all the succulents in the right position, add moss in between them. The final look requires that you cover up any visible roots or soil.

The whole layout requires some time. Lay it flat for at least 4-6 weeks until the roots have had time to grow into the moss. This is important as it helps ensure that the succulents are all firm in the soil and moss.

After about a week, it should be safe to stand the setup upright. You can lean it on something or hang it on a wall or door.

Caring for the Succulent Arrangement

Caring for this arrangement is easy. Mostly because succulents are some of the hard to kill plants. The care for this arrangement is similar to how you would care for succulents established in pots.

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DIY Heart Shaped Succulent planter arrangement



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