Unique Outdoor Planters

Unique Outdoor Planters Ideas

Unique outdoor planters ideas can turn an average garden, patio or any space into a sight to behold. Using unique and odd containers has actually rapidly become a great and stylish trend to give any space some character among skilled and brand-new garden enthusiasts.

When using unique outdoor planters, there are no rules and your imagination is allowed to run wild. Freedom attracts many individuals who would not have considered the ideas in normal circumstances.

Even people without big gardens can also use unique planters effectively. Flower lovers can use almost anything including DIY or bought boxes, shoes, tubs, old toy cars, to plain typical potters. As a result, gardeners can organize and plant different plants basing on the design they want as well as the yard location. Check out how to make some cute DIY flower pots.

Growing flowers in nonconventional containers may require some practice to ensure that they thrive. Here are a couple of suggestions to follow to make sure you succeed.

Select best-suited flowers

The success of your unique outdoor planters ideas and other gardening efforts primarily depends on your choice of plants. One of the important considerations you need to make is the designs of the planters. Although most flowers can do well in almost any type of planter, some don’t which can be quite frustrating.

It’s also good to consider the climate in your area and select flowers best-suited for the weather condition.

Also, consider the measurements of the containers. Some flowers require much more space compared to others. If you are growing succulents and cacti that take long to fill the space, you can grow several. However, if you are establishing fast-growing species, it’s good to consider space.


When using nontypical potting planters, getting the flowers the right quantity of water can sometimes be challenging. The problem is especially more serious for those garden enthusiasts who use very untraditional planters such as toy cars or tubs.

The idea is to provide the flowers with enough water quantities without overwatering. Finding the balance between underwatering and overwatering can be difficult even when using normal planters.

One of the effective ways of addressing the problem is drilling holes at the bottom of the planters. Drilling holes at the bottom and not at the sides ensures that any excess water will drain out. Lack of sufficient drainage will cause the plants to sit in water which can easily lead to root rot.

Overwatering can be detrimental for some plants especially succulents. Another way of ensuring the water drains successfully is by putting a layer of gravel or stones at the bottom of the container. The layer at the bottom of the container should be a few inches wide. The rest of the soil mixture can be placed on top of the gravel layer.

Soil Mixture

When growing flowers in containers, you will require to keep in mind a couple of things about soil mixture. Firstly, make sure the flowers have enough soil to support proper growth. You may have an excellent idea for a certain container, however, if you get a flower that needs more soil than the container can hold, the flower will not thrive.

Furthermore, ensure you use the right soil mixture. The type of soil you use depend on the plants you are establishing in the container. As an example, if you are establishing succulents, there is a suitable succulent soil mixture which is ideal for the succulents. Bought soil mixtures have the right mixture of perlite, sawdust, peat moss, vermiculture and other stuff that helps the flowers thrive.

If you decide to use soil from your yard, ensure that it has sufficient nutrients that will meet the demands of the flowers. It’s advisable not to presume that the plain old soil from the backyard will have enough nutrients. You could also add fertilizer or compost to the soil to make sure it has the right amount of nutrients.

Space to Expand

In addition to providing enough soil to support flower growth you also need to provide space in the container. It is advisable to check a local nursery or online to know just how huge your preferred flowers will get. It is an ideal way of identifying which plants are ideal for your specific container.

Keep in mind that just because you can’t see the roots it doesn’t indicate that they do not require a great deal of space to expand. Growing flowers in very restrictive containers mean that they become stunted and can die.


Repotting is necessary when using any type of containers. Repot flowers whenever it is necessary. It is important to note that different flowers have different requirements for repotting. In general, fast growing-flowers require more frequent repotting.

Also, when repotting it’s important to be careful and not to break off the roots. Repot the whole plant including the roots. Remove the soil around the roots and check for any damaged or rotting roots and cut them off.


It is advisable to do some research on the amount of light that is recommended for the types of flowers you are including in your container. You can check the plants’ requirements online or ask at a local nursery.

Some flowers do well in full sun while others thrive in partial shade. Placing the container in the ideal location will allow the flowers to thrive. It can be very frustrating putting in all the hard work only for the flowers to fail simply because they did not receive enough light.


If you have some unique containers laying around your home you should consider turning them into planters. You can DIY them and make some changes that will make them more appropriate for planting flowers. You could also buy some unique flower planters which some people prefer because it helps them get containers that are inline with their garden themes.

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  1. I love flowerbeds with unique planters scattered throughout the gardens, and I’m always looking for inexpensive things that I can use in my gardens. I love the little car, it’s super cute! I have an old tonka truck in one of mine with a succulent in it.

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