How to grow and care for palm trees

Palm tree small, medium, and large sizes are available in the market. Palm trees are always a great addition to any garden or indoor space. I also love palms because they are associated with wealth and prosperity.

Palm Tree | Small, Medium, Large

If don’t have a spacious garden where you can plant a big palm tree no need to worry. I went looking for different palm trees in the hopes that I could find a small-sized palm that could be potted. Below is what I found about palms both that can be kept indoors or planted outdoors.

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Small sized palm trees include Parlor Palm, Pygmy Date Palm, Bamboo Palms, Mazari Palm Tree, Diamond Palm Tree, Chinese Needle Palm Tree, Sago palm tree, etc.

Medium-sized palm trees include Blue Hesper Palm, Christmas Palm Tree, Orange Collar Palm, Old Man Palm, European Fan Palm, Triangle Palm, etc.

Large sized palm trees include Canary Island Date Palm, Queen Palm, Mexican Fan, Sabal Palmetto, Royal Palm, Majesty Palm Tree, etc.

Small sized Palm Tree (10-12 feet tall)

I would like you to note that not all indoor palm tree options are small varieties. You have the option of choosing beautiful, young and slow growing large palms that are suitable for containers and can be kept indoors all year round.

Pygmy Date Palm is a small-sized feather leaf palm tree with a single trunk. It also prefers partial or full sun.

Bamboo Palms are a whole category of palm trees which grow to an average height of 10-12 feet. The bamboo category has both the feather and clustering varieties. They are also hardy and can survive in a range of environmental conditions.

Mazari Palm Tree is of the clumping variety. The tree is slow-growing and reaches a maximum height of 12 feet. It also has triangular-shaped leaves, is tolerant to cold climates, and prefers the dry desert climate.

Diamond Palm Tree reaches a maximum height of 12 feet. It also has awesome corrugated leaves that arise from an underground trunk.

Chinese Needle Palm Tree is of the clustering variety and grows to only about five to seven feet in height. The tree puts up a display of deeply divided fan leaves.

Sago palm trees can be grown both in pots as well as out in the soil. It is perfect for a small palm tree.

Dwarf majestic has a single trunk and produces feather leaves. It only grows to a maximum height of about eight feet.

Green needle palm tree is native to North America. It is of the clumping variety and has sharp spines as well. It reaches a maximum height of 12 feet.

Bottle palm is a slow-growing variety and hardly ever gets to 12 feet even over many years.

Dwarf Palmetto is a palm tree that has no trunk growing above the ground. It has beautiful split fan leaves that seem to be growing straight out of the ground.

Seashore palm is similar to the dwarf palmetto in that it does not have a trunk that grows above ground. It also only grows to between five and nine feet tall. It has feather-like leaves and produces a fruit that smells like a pineapple.

Medium Sized Palm Tree (15 and 40 feet tall)

The medium-sized palm trees are popular for landscaping because they provide the needed shade canopy which the small-sized ones cannot while not occupying the space that the tall palms require.

Many of the palm trees in this category can be planted in multiples where they grow and form beautiful joining canopies.

Blue Hesper Palm is a cold-hardy and drought-tolerant fan palm tree. The tree grows to about 45 feet and is a great centerpiece that brings great contrast to the surrounding by providing a touch of silver-blue.

palm tree

Christmas Palm Tree grows to about 25 to 30 feet in height. It produces beautiful feather leaves. The palm is often planted as a lining on driveways or planted in multiples of three or more as a centerpiece.

Orange Collar Palm has feather leaves and grows up to 20 feet tall. The palm also may become either solitary or clustering. It is a great standalone centerpiece with a nice crown shaft.

Purple King/Piccabeen Palm grows to between 25 and 45 feet and produces feather leaves. It is often used for lining laneways or planted in multiples.

Thatch Palm and Key Thatch Palm grow to between 25 and 35 feet tall. It has deeply divided fan leaves. It is best planted in multiples of three or more to make a centerpiece.

Old Man Palm is a fan leaf that grows to about 20 feet. It has a unique trunk with a display of fibers and is often grown as a stand-alone

Triangle Palm grows up to 30 feet in height but can be taller when using the native varieties. The leaves have a three-sided fountain-like presentation hence the name. The palm is ideal as a centerpiece in the front yard.

Latan Palm Tree grows to about 25 feet. The palm comes in a variety of colored leaves depending on the variety. It is used often as a standalone centerpiece in the yard.

Fiji Fan Palm and other palms from the Pritchardia family. The varieties grow up to about 35 feet tall and also produce stiff fan leaves. One of the beautiful species from this family is the dwarf Pritchardia which forms a great centerpiece. Some people also plant several of these palms spaced apart.

European Fan Palm is cold tolerant and grows to about 20 feet tall. It is also best grown as a cluster centerpiece.

Clustering Fishtail Palm grows to about 20 feet tall and is so named because of the fishtail leaves. The palm is densely slumping and makes for a perfect privacy screen.

Lipstick Palm grows up to about 35 feet tall and is perfect for growing near water features. The palm produces feather leaves with a red crown shaft which makes it suitable as a privacy screen or a clumping centerpiece.

Butterfly Palm grows to about 25 feet in height. It also produces feather leaves and is great as a privacy screen or as an accent or centerpiece.

Large Sized Palm Tree (40 feet and above)

There are many large majestic palm trees that you can use for your landscape. The palms can be planted as standalone centerpieces or for lining lane-ways and streets. The large palm can also be planted in a grouping with other palms or with other tropical types planted around the trunk.

Canary Island Date Palm Tree is considered by many the king of large palm trees. It grows to 70 plus feet tall and 25 feet wide. The palm also produces wide stiff green feathery leaves that provide a gorgeous display, especially when not over pruned. This palm is mostly used to line driveways and streets.

Queen Palm which grows to 70 feet high and 15 feet wide. It produces a beautiful leaf canopy and can be planted instead of a royal.

Chilean Wine Palm grows to between 60 and 80 feet in height. It is a beauty to behold but you should definitely consider the space you will need for this one.

Royal Palm is probably the tallest of all palm trees. It grows to a maximum height of 90 feet and 20 feet wide. The plant grows straight up and produces awesome feathery leaves and small fruits. It is ideal for lining driveways.

Alexandra King Palm is a palm that grows to 50 plus feet and 15 feet wide. It grows straight and has a long crown canopy.

Coconut Palm grows to about 60 feet tall and 30 feet wide. It brings a tropical feel to the location where its planted. It is also the commonly known palm that produces edible fruits.

Majesty Palm Tree has varieties that get to 50 feet in height and 15 feet wide. The palm produces medium green leaves that twist in the middle creating a display with the outer edges vertical.

Sabal Palmetto is a palm that is also known as the cabbage palm. It is cold tolerant and a slow growth that can eventually reach more than 70 feet in height and 12 feet wide. It also produces deep green leaves.

Bismark Palm is a palm that grows to about 50 feet tall and 20 feet wide. It is a cold-hardy palm that produces pretty blue or green fan leaves.

Mexican Fan is a palm that grows up to 100 feet in height and 12 feet wide. It produces leaves that can reach 4 feet across. It is used to line avenues and streets.

Windmill Palm is a palm that grows to about 30 to 50 feet tall and between 8 and 10 feet wide. The palm is cold-hardy and produces large green fan leaves that look their best when protected.

I hope you found the information on palm tree small, medium helpful, and can use it to zero in on the palm tree or tree that you will get. Also, follow me on Flowerthings Pinterest for more posts on plants and flower gardening.

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