Flower Seeds For Cheap DIY Wedding Favors

Flower seeds for cheap DIY wedding favors are a great option to consider when you are putting together a wedding on a tight budget. Seed packets can be made into cute wedding favors to make a lovely gift idea that is also extremely cost-effective. You can also have some room for creativity and give your guests tree seeds, annual flowers, shrubs, perennials or even houseplants. There are very many seeds to choose from and the options are practically limitless.

Choosing Flower Seeds For Cheap DIY Wedding Favors

One of the ways of choosing the types of seeds to give to your guests is to keep with the theme of the wedding. If you have a daisy themed wedding you can choose to give your guests daisy flower seed packets.  You can decide to work with one type of flower, you can make it more interesting by choosing different colors and varieties of flower seeds.

For weddings that don’t have flowers as a main part of the theme, you can choose any type of flowers and package them in themed containers. You can get creative with the packaging and make cute wedding containers with the theme colors of the wedding.  

Flower Seeds Favor Ideas

Beach or seashore wedding-themed occasion, you can choose flowers and shrub seeds that have a tropical vibe. Examples of seeds that you can consider are Bayberry, Rosemary, Lavender, and Sweet Pea.

For packaging, you can put the seeds in miniature treasure chests. You can also use large seashells or other beach-themed favor bags and boxes.

For Western Themed Wedding and Rustic Themed Wedding, you can give the guests Coneflower seeds, Desert Marigold seeds, or salvia bushes seeds.

The seeds can be packaged in miniature cowboy hats or boots. You can also use tiny colorful southwestern clay pots to hold the seeds. For the rustic wedding, you can wrap the seeds in gingham fabric or some other material that has a rustic feel.

You should not feel the need to give people roses flower seeds just because they are the flower that is mostly associated with love. Some of your guests might not be up to growing any rose bushes.

There are several other flower choices that you can consider if you want to maintain the romantic theme with your flower seed favors. Forget-me-nots seeds, Bell Flower seeds, Orchid seeds, and Sunflower seeds.

Flower Seeds Favors Based on Wedding Color

This one of the easiest options when putting together flower seed favors for weddings. Use the exact colors adopted in the wedding theme. Select and or make DIY seed packages that match the color combination.

As an example, if are having a white and black themed wedding, you can make seed packs that are white and place them on black velvet-like bags. If you have purple and gold theme colors, give flower seeds from purple flowers such as purple lilacs, violets, and purple irises.

When it comes to making flower seeds wedding favors, you can make pretty favors while remaining within your budget. You can even make it as simple as buying a bunch of seeds and dividing it up into brown paper bags. You can then tie pretty ribbons or strings around the bags.

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You just need a little imagination and creativity to get your wedding favors ready. Hopefully, the above ideas will provide you with some inspiration. If you liked this post on flower seeds for cheap DIY wedding favors please share it. Also, follow me on Pinterest for more flower related posts.

Flower Seeds For Cheap DIY Wedding Favors on a budget



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