Royal wedding flowers

The royal wedding flowers

The royal wedding flowers in Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding comprised of branches of birch, beech, foxgloves, hornbeam, peonies and white roses. It was expected that peonies would be among the select flowers for the arrangements as they are Meghan’s favorite flowers.

Royal wedding flowers

The flowers were used to make elaborate floral designs both for the ceremony at Windsor Castle and St. George’s Chapel.

Philippa Craddock who is based in London was the florist who Meghan and Harry choose to decorate the royal wedding ceremony. The flowers used were sourced from royal parks.

Royal wedding flowers bouquet

Meghan Markel’s wedding bouquet comprised of forget-me-nots, lily of the valley, jasmine and sweet peas. Her bouquet was significantly small compared to Diana Princess of Wale’s bouquet which was cascading towards the floor. The collection of all white flowers was expected as it is in line with royal tradition.

Royal wedding flowers

Harry picked the flowers for Meghan’s bouquet at Kensington Palace. The forget-me-not flowers were included in the bouquet as a way of honoring Harry’s mother as they were her favorite flowers. Duchess Kate also honored Diana Princess of Wales by including lily of the valley in her royal wedding flowers.

Also, part of the tradition involves including a spring of myrtle in the bouquet. Princess Victoria was the first royal to include the spring of myrtle in her bouquet in 1840 according to the UK Royal Website. The myrtle is included to symbolize love and hope.

Upcycle of the royal wedding flowers

The newlyweds decided to donate the flowers from their Saturday wedding to St. Joseph’s Hospice in London. The flowers were repackaged into beautiful bouquets which were given to the patients at the hospital.

The kind gesture was not only thoughtful but also eco-friendly. The volume of flowers that go to waste after such an event is unimaginable and extending their life for a few days was an inspired idea.

Meghan’s bridal bouquet was placed on the grave of an unknown warrior at the Westminster Abbey. The laying of the bouquet and not throwing it at all the single ladies in line for marriage is a royal tradition.

The tradition of sending the royal bridal bouquet began with the Queen Mother in 1923. She left her bouquet in honor of her brother who was named Fergus.



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