Best Flower festivals of U.S. with Tulip festival

Flower festivals are a popular activity in the U.S. if you are an avid lover of flowers like myself. I know many people have desired to visit flower festivals at one time or another. So, I set out to look for some of the best flower festivals in the different states of the U.S. I compiled them by the state to make it easier to identify where they are located as well as the flowers that they showcase.

The different states host different flower festivals of U.S. during the year. The most notable happening in the Spring. The list below presents the best flower festivals in the U.S. listed by state. It also shows when the flower festival happens as well as all the other activities that you can enjoy as a guest at the festivals.

Best Flower Festivals in Washington

The National Cherry Blossom Festival

The festival takes place from Late March to early April.

Location: D.C.

The history of the festival dates back to 1912 when the Mayor of Tokyo known as Yukio Ozaki gave the United States 3,000 cherry trees. The act was aimed at strengthening the friendship between the two nations. Today, the cherry blossom trees are a central part in the nation’s acclaimed flower celebration.

The beautiful trees are concentrated in four areas around D.C. The East Potomac Park (Hains Point), the West Potomac Park, the Tidal Basin as well as the Washington Monument grounds.

The flower festivals of U.S event attracts an estimated 1.5 million visitors every year who come to enjoy the beautiful pink blossoms. Those visiting can view the blossoms on a cruise boat, paddle boast or water taxi as well as take awesome pictures at different locations.

The two weeks festival also includes a wide range of other activities including the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival. The organizations showcase parades, marching bands, art, craft as well as food.

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

The festival takes place in April

Location: Mount Vernon

The tulip festival runs throughout the month of April. Tulip in all types of colors covers a large area of the Skagit Valley in Northern Washington. The festival has been growing in popularity and attracts an estimated one million people.

The tulip festival also features different activities such as art shows, bike tours, and quiet walks. Also, as part of the festivities are salmon barbecues.

Daffodil Festival Floral Street Parade

The festival takes place in mid-April.

Location: Tacoma, Puyallup, Summer, and Orting.

The Daffodil festival Street Parade part of the Daffodil festival which occurs annually in Washington. A street parade is a popular event whose history dates back 80 years.

One of the interesting parts of the festival are the more than 45 floats which are adorned with fresh-cut flowers. The flower festivals of U.S event also includes mounted and marching bands and the presentation of the Queen of the event and her court.

The parade travels all through the cities of Tacoma, Puyallup, Summer, and Orting in one day.

Best Flower Festivals in Michigan

The Lilac Festival

The Lilac Festival takes place in June.

Location: Mackinac Island.

The Mackinac island is an hour drive south of the Canadian border. The Island is car-free and sits in Lake Huron and is home to an estimated 500 people only. The lilac festival was introduced in 1949 as a parade to showcase the island’s wide collection of lilacs.

Today, the lilac flower festival has grown to 10-days of celebration. During the celebrations, the day-visitors can reach up to 15,000 people. The festival has many free events including awesome fireworks display as well as the world’s longest horse hitch parade.

The visitors also enjoy long strolls along North America’s oldest lilacs and take in the vibrant colors and fragrant blooms. Guests also enjoy a horse-drawn carriage tour, ten-kilometer walks and runs depending on preferences. Also, part of the festival is a multitude of concerts, wine tastings, culinary events, dancing, family hayrides, scavenger hunts, boat cruises and garden tours.

Tulip Time

The Tulip Time takes place in May.

Location: Holland

Holland has a rich Dutch heritage. The Tulip Time is a big tulip flower festival which celebrates the over 5 million tulips planted throughout Holland. During Spring, the millions of tulips blossom providing a breath-taking scenery including six miles of Tulip Lanes.

During the festival, both the visitors and the locals participate in traditional Dutch dancing events. The activities include parades where the participants wear wooden clogs and traditional Dutch outfits and dance on the pavements. Visitors also get a chance to see wooden shoes being made by hand. The festivals culminate at the Marktplaats.

The Blossomtime Festival.

The Blossomtime festival takes place in early May.

Location: Benton Harbor/ St. Joseph

The festival is one week long. It commences with the Blessing of the Blossoms Ceremony. It is hosted at the largest Multi-community festival in Michigan that has been ongoing for over 100 years. The visitors and the locals enjoy self-guided tours around the blossoming orchards.

The festival also includes a two-mile-long Grand Floral Parade which travels along the Lake Michigan shore towns. The parade also includes flower-decked floats and marching bands drawn from the 24 area towns.

Best Flower festivals in Texas

The Dallas Blooms

The Dallas Blooms takes place late February to early April.

Location: Dallas.

The Dallas Blooms takes place at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. The festivals are hosted on the expansive 66 acres on the shores of White Rock Lake in East Dallas. The Dallas Blooms have an event to reckon with for the past 30 years and have become the largest floral festival in the Southwest.

Whether you are a gardener or a flower enthusiast the Dallas Blooms are the perfect way to welcome Spring. There are all sorts of flowers including perennials and annuals blooming at the grounds during this time of the year. The flowers you can expect to see also include more than half a million bulbs and thousands of azaleas (tulips, hyacinth, and daffodils).

The experience is also enhanced by the variety of events including lectures, special events and food such as the warm bread pudding. The floral arrangement presentations made by the Arboretum also vary from week to week depending on what is in bloom each of the six weeks.

The Dallas Arboretum also allows guests to bring in food and drink and some guests take advantage of the offer and enjoy a picnic at the beautiful sites with the flowers in full bloom.

Bluebonnet Festival

The festival takes place in the middle of April on the 14th.

Location: Burnet

The Bluebonnet Festival takes place in the heart of Texas. The small town of Burnet is home to an estimated 5,000 people. The Bluebonnet festival occurs on the second weekend of April. The festival is relatively new compared to some of the old festivals that have been in existence for many decades. However, it still manages to attract an estimated 30,000 visitors each year.

The flower festivals of U.S. event includes many art displays provided by vendors who flock the town square. There are also music performances and food courts. The festivals Grand Parade takes place across town on the morning of 14th April.

The Azalea and Spring Flower Trail

The flower trail takes place beginning end of March and continues until mid-April.

Location: Tyler.

The Tyler city was officially certified as the Azalea City in 2007. Azalea has been a tradition in Tyler for over 50 years. The festival is designed in the form of a trail where guests enjoy historic home tours and history exhibits.

The trail covers miles of azalea, dogwoods and other spring flowers. The tour is set on residential gardens rather than one huge portion of land. Visitors can enjoy other activities including plant sales, arts as well as crafts.

Best flower festivals

Best Flower Festivals in North Carolina

The North Carolina Azalea Festival

The festival takes place in mid-April.

Location: Wilmington

The festival began in 1948 and has grown to what it is today attracting an estimated 300,000 people. It is currently the largest festival of its kind in North Carolina. The festival happens every spring tied together with the blooming of the azalea.

The flower festivals of U.S. event has activities that spread over three days. They include southern music concerts, street and riverfront fair with food, a great gala with a variety of arts and crafts. It also has a triathlon, a parade, and a spectacular fireworks display.

Biltmore Blooms

The Biltmore Blooms takes place from mid-march and extends to May.

Location: Asheville

The designer behind the Biltmore Blooms is landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmstead who designed the Biltmore house. The flower experience begins with the bright yellow glow provided by the blossoming of the daffodils and forsythia in early spring.

There are also over 1,000 orchids which bloom and provide an awesome addition to the conservatory. The next flowers to blossom in the lineup are the 0ver 90,000 tulips of different colors. Shortly after, they are followed by the native azalea, roses, rhododendron, and other annuals and perennials.

Also, the guests can enjoy tours of the vast private gardens in the estate. The experiences to provide peace and quiet from the unique hideaways.

The three-month-long flower festivals of U.S. event also offers gardening advise to those who need it as well as wine tastings. The visitors can also attend live concerts from the bandstand at the Antler Hill Village.

At the village, children can enjoy petting baby lambs, goats, bunnies and holding chicks at the barnyard. Those who are up for it can take part in stomping grapes at the winery events held over the weekends.

Best Flower Festivals in South Carolina

The South Carolina Festival of Flowers

The South Carolina Festival of Flowers takes place in June.

Location: Greenwood

The festival has been in existence for about 44 years. It is a favorite of many gardeners from all across the nation. This flower festivals of U.S. show includes many presentations of the talented South Carolina artists who work with live flowers and vegetation. The festival presentations are done at the Juried Art Show as well as at the photography exhibit.

The festival also has various forms of entertainment including Cessna flights for children and jazz concerts. Also, as part of the festival is a classic car show for car lovers and a dog show for dog enthusiasts.

The Camellia Walks at Middleton Place

The camellia Walks take place between mid-February and March.

Location: Charleston

The history of the camellias in Middleton began with a French Botanist named Andre Michaux who introduced the first camellias to the United States in 1786. The plants have multiplied extensively and there are over 1,000 cultivars on the National Historic Landmark. The flowers bloom in the winter and are a sight to behold.

Visitors take long walks along the paths and enjoy the full blooms. Those who prefer to can register for a workshop or a guided tour.

Best Flower Festivals in Georgia

The International Cherry Blossom Festival

The International Cherry Blossom Festival takes place in mid-March

Location: Macon

The history of the festival dates back to 1949 when a local businessman discovered a Yoshino cherry blossom tree growing in his backyard. He shared cuttings of the tree with his neighbors which led to the increase of the tree all across town. Today, there are over 300,000 trees in Macon.

The residents celebrate the blossom time with the festival. Also, as part of the festival are free concerts, a parade. The bed race is unique of the festival and includes contestants traversing across town on mattresses while wearing flower crowns in their hair.

The Roses Show & Festival

The Roses Show & Festival takes place in late April

Location: Thomasville

The show has been a tradition in the town of Thomasville since the 1920s. The town offers a beautiful historic back setting for the show. This flower festivals of U.S. show attracts an estimated 20,000 visitors each year.

The highlight of the show is, of course, the roses. However, the show also includes live music, parades, arts and crafts, sporting events, mouthwatering foods, and street dances.

Best Flower Festivals in Hawaii

The Aloha Festivals Floral Parade

The Aloha Festival Floral Parade takes place in late September

Location: Honolulu-Oahu

The annual festival has been ongoing for the past 65 years. It has become one of the main attractions of Honolulu that aims to celebrate the wide array of flowers on the island. The Aloha festivals floral Parade has become the largest Hawaiian cultural celebration.

This flower festivals of U.S. also includes Hula dancers, marching bands and over-the-top floral floats covered in Hawaiian flowers. There is also a procession of pa’u horseback riders. The visitors and the participants also get huge leis and flower necklaces.

The Kauai Orchid & Art Festival

The Kauai Orchid & Art Festival takes place at the end of March

Location: Hanapepe

The festival takes place at the Hanapepe Town Park. It is known for showcasing exotic tropical orchids including vanilla the only edible orchid. In fact, one of the activities at the festival includes cooking workshops that deal with vanilla.

The festival also includes beautiful art made by outdoor paint artists drawn from around the state. There is also a juried art exhibition and arts and crafts as well as a number of family-oriented activities.

Best Flower Festivals in California

The Coronado Flower Show

The Coronado Flower Show takes place in mid-April.

Location: San Diego

The show has been going on for over 85 years. The festival is the largest tented flower festivals of U.S. event. It attracts thousands of flower lovers and gardening enthusiasts every year. The event takes place inside the city and stretches over a whole city block.

The festival features a vast range of flower exhibits with trophy presentations and awards being given. The visitors are also treated to live entertainment as they enjoy the show.

The California Poppy Festival

The California Poppy Festival takes place in May.

Location: Lancaster

The festival takes place in Lancaster which is located north of Los Angeles. The annual festival lasts for two days only and is used to mark the return of the state flower. The poppy flowers are bright orange and loudly mark spring.

The festival also includes hundreds of art exhibits and a wide variety of performances. It is also known for the farmers market and the traditional festival fare. This flower festival is also one of the flower festivals of U.S. with an auto show.

The San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

The San Francisco Flower and Garden Show takes place in March

Location: San Francisco

The show has been recognized as a world-class garden festival in the western U.S. It has been in existence for the last 28 years. It is one of the main flower festivals of U.S.

In addition to the garden show, the event offers the participants an opportunity to learn through a wide range of seminars. Some of the topics covered include flower arranging and lawn establishment and maintenance.

Guests also enjoy book signings by top gardening experts and they can also shop from the marketplace that supplies everything related to gardening. There are also fun-filled activities and entertainment including those appropriate for children and especially the children’s garden known as sproutopia.

Best Flower Festivals in Oregon

The Portland Rose Festival

The rose festival takes place from the end of May to mid-June.

Location: Portland

The Portland Rose Festival is one of the flower festivals in Oregon that has been in existence since 1907 and marks the unofficial arrival of Spring in the city.  The festival extends over 16 days and is aimed at celebrating the high-end local culture and Portland’s roses. The over 4,000 blooms fill the air with their sweet fragrance and show off their beauty.

The event has made a significant contribution to the festivals and events industry causing it to be distinguished as an ‘IFEA World Festival & Event City’.

One of the most popular activity at this flower festivals of U.S. is the Grand Floral Parade which has earned one of the top two positions of all-floral parades in the nation. The festival also has classic carnival attractions such as the human slingshot held at the waterfront CityFair. The visitors can also enjoy fairground foods such as elephant ears, corn dogs, and the on-brand fried rose petals. A must-see flower festival in Oregon.

Best Flower festivals in Missouri

Dogwood-Azalea Festival

The Dogwood-Azalea festival takes place in April.

Location: Charleston

The Dogwood-Azalea festival is popular flower festival of U.S. among nature lovers. The six-mile-long trail presents natural beauty perfect for leisurely strolls. The annual event runs for three days to celebrate the three generations of Charleston’s stunning dogwoods and azalea.

The towns local vendors and merchants have preserved the history of the town as well as its hospitality and traditions. Among flower festivals of U.S., this festival has been in existence for about 50 years and continues to attract many visitors.

Best Flower Festivals in Florida

Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival takes place in May.

Location: Orlando

The annual festival has become a favorite of many people and especially children. Disney uses flowers and manicured trees to design sculptures of a favorite character and transform the park into a wonderland. Some of the sculptures are those of Pluto, Donald duck, Anna, Minnie mouse and Elsa.

The garden also has musical instruments planted in an innovative play system which allows the kids to enjoy a music-filled playground. The festival also has a butterfly garden with almost 1,000 butterflies.

Disney not only provides visitors with an opportunity to have fun but also an opportunity to learn. The visitors including kids can learn from the horticulturalists who are on-site. They share information about the festival itself as well as provide sound advise on gardening practices.

This flower festivals of U.S. also has a Flower Power Concert Series which features live performances from artists of the 1960s and 1970s.

Best Flower Festivals in Virginia

Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival Virginia

The Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival takes place between April and May.

Location: Winchester

This flower festivals of the U.S. takes place at the Shenandoah valley annually every spring. The festival has become so popular that it attracts an estimated 250,000 people each year. Majority of the visitors are drawn from Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

The apple trees blossom producing pink and white flowers bring the town to life. The festival also includes a carnival, band competitions, and several parades. The festival is also known for a fierce on-site apple pie baking competition as well as an 80s dance party.

flower festival

Best Flower Festivals in New York.

The Rochester Lilac Festival

The festival holds at the Highland Park which was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. In his honor, one of the lilacs was named after him. There are over 500 varieties of lilacs and about 1,200 plants that bloom during this time of the year.

The festival holds for 10 days and also includes arts and crafts on display and vendors who sell lilac perfumes and soaps. The festival also has a parade and live music concerts.

Best Flower Festivals in Massachusetts

The Daffodil Festival

The Daffodil festival takes place at the end of April.

Location: Nantucket

The annual festival began in the 1970s as an antique car parade. However, today it has grown to become a massive flower festival. The town receives most of its visitors in the summer months who enjoy the beach. However, some do visit earlier in order to attend the daffodil festival.

The flower festivals of U.S. in Massachusetts includes a parade as well as pageants and musical concerts not to forget the community flower show.

Best Flower Festivals in Kentucky

The Lighted Dogwood Trail

The Lighted Dogwood Trail takes place in April.

Location: Paducah

The Library of Congress has listed the trail under Local Legacies Project. The dogwoods along the 12-mile trail blossom in early spring and fill the landscape with their four-petaled flowers.

Visitors can enjoy tours along the trail by taking strolls, bike rides or driving. Those up for it can get trolley rides for a $1. The trail also has other trees such as weeping cherries and redbud.

Other activities available in this flower festivals of U.S. include arts and crafts as well as photography exhibits.

Best Flower Festivals in Arkansas

The Jonquil Festival Arkansas

The Jonquil Festival takes place in mid-March

Location: Washington

The festival has been popular for over 42 years. It takes place in a 19th-century restoration village. The main attraction of the event is the thousands of blooming jonquils. The flowers were planted by early settlers and have remained to this day.

Also, as part of the festival celebrations, the flower festivals of the U.S. offers different types of live performances from different musicians. The fun activities also include surrey rides, historic tours, and special interpretive programs. There are also vendors who sell crafts and arts.

Best Flower Festivals in Oklahoma

The Azalea Festival Oklahoma

The Azalea festival takes place during the entire month of April

Location: Muskogee

The festival is hosted at the Honor Heights Park and has been recorded as one of Muskogee’s premier event. The national Bus Association has also named the festival as one of the United States “Top 100 Events”. The annual event attracts over 300,000 visitors.

In addition to the festival, the visitors also enjoy the features of the park including hiking trails, waterfall, fountain, pond and swimming pool.

Participants in the festivals enjoy a parade that goes through the Muskogee town as well as a barbecue contest and chili cook-off.

Best Flower Festivals in Pennsylvania

The World’s Largest Garden Party

The World’s Largest Garden Party takes place during the entire month of June

Location: Philadelphia

The region is well known for its major gardens. In fact, the region has been nicknamed the USA’s cradle of horticulture. The participants enjoy a mix of gardening events hosted throughout the area. The activities range from wildflower walks, garden tours, and plant sales.

The guests can also take part in practical workshops and lectures as well as enjoy evening galas.

Best Flower Festivals in New Hampshire

The Fields of Lupine Festival

The Fields of Lupine festival takes place from early to mid-June

Location: Franconia, Easton, and Sugar Hill

The annual festival takes places every summer in the region. The lupine, a captivating wildflower blossoms at this time. The festival is an activity undertaken by different communities of Littleton, Sugar Hill, Franconia, Easton, Bethlehem, and Lisbon.

The festivities last for three weeks and involves a wide variety of activities. One of the main activities is a special pageant. Other activities include concerts, historic tours, contests and garden workshops. The crafters and artists are also present showcasing different types of work inspired by regional plants and flowers and made using different types of media.

Best Flower Festivals in Connecticut

The Elizabeth Park Rose Weekend

The Elizabeth Park Rose Weekend takes place in late June

Location: Hartford

The festival takes place at the Elizabeth Park. The national register of Historic Places names the park as the oldest and third largest public rose garden in America. The park has more than 800 varieties of roses and the event takes place when the over 15,000 rose bushes are in full bloom.

The visitors both adults and children also enjoy dance and music performances as well as scavenger hunts. Also, included in the fun activities is mask making and face painting.

Best Flower Festivals in the World

After looking at the best flower festivals in the United States, I was curious to find out about the best flower festivals in the world. Below are a few of the festivals that I came across I can only hope to visit some in the future.

Madeira Flower Festival

The Festa da Flor takes place in spring

Location: Funchal, Portugal

The Madeira Flower Festivals are held annually during spring. The festival is marked by extraordinary parades that travel through the city adorned in different costumes and wearing different flower arrangements.

The occasion is an opportunity to learn more about Portuguese culture. Visitors also enjoy music extravaganzas, arts and crafts and different cuisine.

The Madeira flower festival also has the Wall of Hope which is adorned with children with beautiful flowers which symbolizes the hope for a peaceful world.

The Genzano Infiorata Flower Festival

The Genzano Infiorata Flower Festival takes place in June

Location: Genzano di Roma, Italy

The festival is an old tradition which first took place in 1778. The festival is a three-day event which is celebrated in association with Corpus Christi Feast. The unique part of the celebration includes covering the principal street of the town with intricate flower carpets. Every year the theme is different and is chosen by the residents.

The designs on the street vary and include various artworks and religious images. The end of the event is marked with a procession to the Church of Santa Maria Della Cima and the trampling of the flower carpet by children.

The Chiang Mai Flower Festivals

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival takes place in the first weekend of February

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival has been recorded as one of the most colorful celebrations in the world. The festival is known for its colorful combination of vibrant flowers including the Damask Rose, a variety that is native to the city. Other flowers included in the arrangements include different species of chrysanthemums, orchids, among others.

The highlight of the festival is the flower parades which comprise of floats, traditional dancers, and music.

The Canadian Tulip Festival

The Canadian Tulip Festival takes place in May

Location: Ottawa

The Tulip Festival has been recorded as the largest tulip festival the world over. It attracts more than 500,000 million visitors each year. The festival began in 1953, through the co-organization of photographer Malak Karsh. It began with the gifting of 100,000 tulip bulbs to Ottawa by Princess Juliana of Netherlands.

The Dutch Royal Family still sends 10,000 bulbs every year. The gift was a thank you to Canada for protecting the Dutch royal family when they were exiled during the World war II.

The festival includes large displays of tulips along the Rideau Canal and in the Commissioners Park which are complemented by weekend fireworks. There are also speeches, cuisine exhibitions, and music concerts.

The Flower Festival Colombia

The Flower Festival takes place in August

Location: Medellin, Colombia

The flower festival Colombia is also known as the Feria de las Flores and lasts for one week filled with events and festivities. The host city is the second largest in Colombia and is filled with rich tradition and botanical excellence.

The festivities include orchid competitions, music festivals and horse rides (cabalgata) along the town trails. The show begins and ends with fireworks displays. It also has a dog and mascot walk as well as a classic & antique car parade.

Other activities included in the week’s activities are the national Equestrian fair, Humor City, Flowers and Birds Expo, Sanalejo Market, orchestra festival, popular and folk music concerts and the national Trova Festival.

The flower festival Colombia was first conducted in 1957 to celebrate the Virgin Mary Day. The highlight of the festival is the Parade of Silleteros where people carry elaborate flower arrangements on their backs or heads. The parade celebrates the end of slavery and the period when slaves carried masters on their backs.

I hope you found the list of best flower festivals of U.S. useful as well as the five flower festivals from around the world.

Which flower festival of U.S. have you attended or which one would you like to attend?




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