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Schefflera Umbrella Plant Care Guide

Schefflera Umbrella plant care guide that will help you get a beautiful healthy plant. Umbrella trees originated from China but, some other varieties and species originated from Australia. Schefflera are literal trees and can grow up to 66 feet.  If cared for properly, the Umbrella Tree can remain luscious for years. It can also be…

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Caladium Plant Care Guide

This Caladium plant care guide will help you get beautiful houseplants. Caladiums are tropical perennials that are native to South America. There are different varieties of Caladiums to choose from and are differentiated by the leaf patterns and colors. Some of the common varieties include Fannie Munson and Red Flush. Caladiums are easy houseplants to…


Poppy Flower Garden Care

Proper poppy flower garden care can help you get awesome blooms. Poppies are some of the easiest wildflowers to grow and care for even for beginners. If you have some unused space in your garden, yard, next to the sidewalk or street, poppies are the best flowers to try. Because they are wildflowers, they can…

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50 Pet Safe Indoor Houseplants

If you’re looking for pet safe indoor houseplants there are many available. Many people who love pets and plants often have to consider how the two will co-exist in the same space. Some houseplants and flowers can have serious consequences when consumed by cats and dogs. They can cause vomiting, stomach aches, lethargy, drooling, confusion,…

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ZZ Plant Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Care Guide

ZZ plant Zamioculcas Zamiifolia care guide that will help you get the best house plant. The ZZ plant is the easiest plant to keep alive. Unless you directly abuse the Zamioculas Zamiifolia, it’s impossible to kill it. The ZZ plant is the best plant for beginners as well as people who have not had much…

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Frizzle Sizzle Albuca Spiralis Care Guide

Frizzle Sizzle Albuca Spiralis care is easy. The Frizzle Albuca Spiralis is a bulb that is native to South Africa. It’s also commonly referred to as Albuca Frizzle Sizzle or the Corkscrew Plant. This awesome looking plant has become a popular indoor plant for many homes. Plant owners love it for its curl, corkscrew-like leaves…

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Spider Plant Care and Propagation Guide

A Spider Plant care and propagation guide that will help you grow and own a beautiful houseplant. The Spider Plant is known as Chlorophytum comosum. It’s one of the easiest houseplants to care for as well as most popular. It is one of the indoor plants that I recommend for beginners who are not experienced,…

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Growing Green Lawn Grass and Care Tips

Growing green lawn grass and care tips can help you get the types of lawn you have always desired. Maintaining lawns without proper planning and knowing what you’re doing can be overwhelming and the results underwhelming. By learning the basics, you can achieve a beautiful and healthy lawn. Minimal regular maintenance of your lawn can…

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How to make Orchids Bloom Again

Learn how to make orchids bloom again and understand why won’t my orchids bloom. You can stimulate and trigger your orchid houseplant to produce flowers. Many plant owners often wonder why their healthy household orchids do not produce any new flowers but just continue producing leaves. When you buy the orchids, most of the time…

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50 Air Purifying House Plants by Nasa

Air-purifying house plants by NASA that can help you improve the quality of air in your home. These air purifying indoor plants remove toxins, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from any space in your home.  It’s important to note that we don’t know how many plants we need in a space to effectively clean the air….