Flowers Arrangements Centerpiece DIY

Flowers Arrangements Centerpiece DIY

Flowers arrangements centerpiece DIY can be made with any type of flowers. You can use different colors, different varieties depending on what you have access to. In this arrangement, we will look at how to make centerpieces with cheap flowers.

Just have in mind that it is harder to make elegant designs that can be used in events such as weddings while using cheap flowers. However, you can make some decent arrangements that can be used in parties or just for home decoration very easily.

that can be used in events such as weddings while using cheap flowers. However, you can make some decent arrangements that can be used in parties or just for home decoration very easily.

One of the places I like to get my cheap flowers is Trader Joe’s. You can just walk in there blindly and pick from what is available that day. When choosing your flowers, pick what catches your eye. Sometimes they have an overabundance of really good selection and other times they don’t.

Look for complementing colors when making your choices. You can also get a single pack or two packs of flowers. Also, remember to add some greenery. When making a simple centerpiece you can easily get all the materials at just $15.

You can also walk around your yard and cut off some greenery and any flowers you might have ready for cutting.  

Container & Vase Selection

You have to decide the type of container you are going to use for the arrangement. The important thing is to ensure that the container is big enough to fit all your flowers and greenery without being too big either. A simple clear glass container with a round base often does the trick.

When choosing your container consider where you’re going to place the arrangement. If it’s on a table or the kitchen island then the limitations are fewer. However, if you are placing it in a place with limited space then such as the bathroom, then you are better off choosing a small vase.

The first thing I do is soak a block of oasis or floral foam in water and allow it to soak all the way through. Next, I cut a piece of the foam, to do so I measure the foam against the container to make sure it will fit properly.

However, if you are just beginning and don’t have any floral foam you can still make a beautiful arrangement. You will need to make a grind at the rim of the container to help hold the flowers in place.  You can use any kind of tape you have on hand.  The green floral tape is preferred because it is not as visible under the flowers.  If you’re making a medium or large arrangement you don’t need to worry about the tape showing because it will be well covered by the flowers.

Arrangement of the Floral Centerpiece

The best way to start your flowers arrangements centerpiece DIY design is to have all your flowers prepped and available. Take them out of the packaging, cut all of the rubber bands off. Here are more flower arrangement tips.

To build the flower arrangement you’re going to start with the base. Build it from the greenery first, you might need to go back and fill in later. Start with one type and then move on to the next type and the next if you have more than one type of greenery.

As you build your base, it’s important to insert it having a focal point where all the foliage seems to radiate from the center. Slow and steady, is usually the best way to build your display. Using different types of greenery brings contrast and different textures to the arrangement.

When satisfied with the base then you can begin adding the flowers. Begin with the large and main flowers such as roses and distribute them evenly all around the arrangement. Then you can add smaller flowers such as carnations second. Position them in between the main flowers. Also, remember to place some higher and others lower for best results.

Because this is an arrangement that will be viewed from all angles, make sure that it looks nice from all sides. Turn it around as you work on it and put in flowers or greenery wherever there are gaps. Also remember to put in some flowers at the bottom as well, make sure that the combination of greenery and flowers is covering the tape.


You can make this arrangement with different types of flowers and with different color themes. One of the beautiful arrangements you can make is using light colors such as pink roses and mix them with carnations.

Once the arrangement is done and you are satisfied with how everything looks, you can step back and confirm. If you had used a container with water with a grind at the top then you can add water to make sure that all the stems are hydrated.

Centerpiece arrangements are some of the common floral displays that you can make for your home. Even if you are a beginner, this is one of the arrangements you can try. Whether you are cutting the flowers from your own yard or buying cheap ones at a local store, you can make a beautiful arrangement instead of just popping them in a vase.

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