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DIY Flower Arrangements for Bridal Showers

Some people are hesitant to DIY things, however, DIY flower arrangements for bridal showers are one of the things that every person can pull off. You can make cute and simple arrangements within no time and using the materials you have at your disposal.

Although there are some people who choose to have different types of centerpieces, the most popular ideas include floral displays and for a good reason, flowers make everything better. Furthermore, there are many different varieties of blooms to choose from as well as countless ways of bringing them together. Finally, everyone can afford it even on the tightest of budgets.

So, to begin with, choose the types of flowers and colors depending on your theme.

Mason Jar DIY Flower Arrangements for Bridal Showers

The most common and simplest of the ideas is to pop the flowers in mason jars or any other type of jars. Honestly, there is really nothing much to it, no much imagination or creativity required. Cut the flowers to size and prop them in the jar and let them fall naturally.

To spruce things up a bit, you can also make the jars a bit special by adding a little creativity to the arrangements.

Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Spray paint the mason jars. Choose one or two of the theme colors and paint the jars. This will not only make them match the theme but also add color when used in the arrangement.
  • Cover the mason jars with glitter. You can cover parts of the jars in different colored glitter. Make different designs on the jar with glue and then roll them on glitter.
  • Fill the mason jars with citrus fruits. This idea works well for a tropical themed bridal shower. Cut thin slices of citrus fruits (lemons, lime or oranges) and arrange them neatly inside the jar before filling it with water.
  • Fill the mason jars with small pebbles or stones. This idea works for beach theme bridal showers. You can also fill the jars with beads or pearls for an elegant look.
  • Dress the mason jars with different materials. If going for a rustic look, dress them in burlap cover them with twine or other materials that will give them the desired look. If going for a feminine, elegant look dress the jars with lace. There are different colors of the race to choose from and that can easily match the color scheme.
Submerged DIY flowers for bridal showers

These are some of the easiest displays to make for a bridal shower. There are different ways of making the display and it all depends on the vases you have but they must all be clear vases colored ones will not work.

Submerged flowers with floating candles
DIY flower arrangements for bridal showers

These arrangements are best achieved with tall column vases. Clean the vases properly, cut a stem of the flowers you are using (cymbidiums and orchids are the best options). Put the flower in the vase and top it up all the way to the pot with water.

Rest a candle on top and make sure to select a candle whose size fits well for the vase, not too big or too small. During the event, you just light the candles to provide a soft lighting as well as enhance the display. The many colors of the flowers make it possible to select one that matches the scheme.

Semi-submerged flowers

These arrangements work best with flowers that have course petals and that can tolerate sitting in water. Hydrangeas are some of the best flowers to use because their tolerance can allow you to make the centerpieces the day before the event.

The best vases for the arrangements are fishbowls, the size depends on the look you are going for. You can even mix the sizes up for a different look. Clean the bowls properly and pour a small amount of water inside. Cut the first set of hydrangea stems very short and arrange them inside the bowl. Make sure their stems rest inside the water. Cut the next set of stems a little longer than the previous ones and fit them in-between the lower layer. Make sure the display looks good from all angles and fluff out the petals.

unique bridal shower centerpieces

You can prepare a ring of intertwined vines which you can place at the base of the bowl. If you don’t have access to vines use whatever material you have such as palm leaves to weave something cute. The whole idea is to add an element of interest to the display.

Flowers in a line 

This simple arrangement is ideal for someone seeking to keep things simple but intricate at the same time. All you need is a cube or rectangular vase and one or two colors of the same variety of flowers. The ideal flowers for this type of arrangement can vary depending on the look you are going for as well as the theme you are working with. Example of flowers that you can use include ranunculus, roses, tulips, and small head sunflowers.

Half fill the vase with water and use a clear tape to make a grid over the vase. Make sure the holes in the grid are small enough to hold the flowers standing upright but big enough to let the stems through. Remove all leaves from the flowers and cut them at the same length which should be slightly shorter than the vase. Place the flowers through the holes in each of the squares you created with the tape. If the flower heads are small and tend to leave significant gaps between the flowers, you can add another stem in each of the squares. Putting two or more stems per square will create a full effect on the display. Check that there are no gaps and fill them with extra flowers. Also, ensure that all the stem ends are sitting inside water. Top up the water if there is a need.

Bottle Vases 
Cheap bridal shower arrangements

Bottle vases are an ideal option especially when putting together a bridal shower on a budget. You can spruce up the DIY flower arrangement by spraying the bottles with a mono-color or multiple colors that are in line with the scheme. An example is spraying them in gold or silver or any other color. The bottle vases can hold one or two stems.

To add interest to the arrangements you can group different sized bottles together to form one centerpiece instead of placing an individual bottle alone. Furthermore, you can also use different types of flowers in line with the theme. For example, if pink is the theme color you can use pink roses and peonies.

Everyday Items 
  • Using wine glasses

This probably one of the easiest and cheapest DIY flower arrangements for bridal showers. All you need are large wine glasses, one type of flower (preferably roses) and candles.

Simple DIY bridal shower centerpieces

Cut the stems of the flowers and leave the flower head only. Place the roses in the position you prefer on the tables, it could be a straight line, a circle or whatever design depending on the setup. Turn the glasses upside down over the flower heads. Place the candles on the top of the glasses ready to light them when the event begins.

To add some interest, you can add some design on the glasses just make sure to use materials that can be easily washed off later.

  • Using cups

You can use plain cups for a uniform look but whichever cups you have will do the trick. It is also advisable to avoid big headed flowers because the cups might not be able to support them.

Clean the cups and add water up to two thirds. Hold three or four stems of the flowers you are using measure them against the cups to determine the ideal height and cut them. Prop the flowers in the cup and make sure the heads rest on the rim of the cup.

DIY flower arrangements

You can also go wild with the flowers and stick them into the cup in no particular order, hey, creativity has no formula.

Repeat the process for all the cups you are using. These arrangements are small in size, so you can arrange them in a line next to each other. For example, if using a long table, arrangement in a line running all the way at the center of the table. If using a roundtable, you can put them in a group at the center.

  • Using glasses

When using glasses for your DIY flower arrangements for bridal showers, you have the option of using clear glasses or any other type that you have access to. The glasses do not even have to be real glass, they can be plastic or metallic, just make sure that they match the theme.

Clean the glasses and fill them up with water. Make small bouquets of the flowers you are using. Do this by holding in your hand a few of the different types of flowers you are using and arrange them to have a similar look in all the glasses. For example, if you are using three peonies, two roses, baby’s breath make sure you use the same amount for each of the glasses to achieve uniformity.

In conclusion,

DIY flower arrangements for bridal showers can be very simple and easy to put together. You can also utilize the flowers, vessels, and materials that are around you to keep things within budget. I hope these arrangement suggestions were useful and help you come up with some fabulous ideas for your bridal shower.



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