Lucky bamboo Care

Lucky Bamboo Care

Lucky bamboo care is an easy task that almost anyone can accomplish. The lucky bamboo is one of the easiest indoor plants to keep. Even those who kill succulents still manage to keep lucky bamboos for extended periods of time.

Lucky bamboo is kept by many people because of its Feng Shui, however, many people just keep the plant because it’s beautiful and brings life to any room where its added.

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In Feng Shui, the lucky bamboo represents all the five elements. The pebbles represent the earth, the red bands or red tips represent fire. Coins are added in the container to denote metal; the container can also be used to represents metal (glass is considered as metal). The plant is grown in water and the bamboo itself is the wood. The plant is the most popular Feng Shui remedies for a host of problems.

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The plant grows even under dull light. The ideal directions to place lucky bamboo are East or southeast. The eastern direction represents family, the southeast direction denotes wealth area so in order to activate positive energy and wealth place the plant in the southeast direction.

Buying and maintaining lucky bamboo

It is advisable to buy healthy stems which normally have a rich shade of green. The buying and propagation of yellow bamboo stems are prohibited in Vastu

You should always use filtered water. The idea is to avoid water with minerals such as chlorine. If you don’t have access to filtered water, you can use tap water but not straight from the tap. Fill a container with water and leave it open for at least 24hours or more to allow for chlorine to dissipate.

It is recommended to change your water at least once a month and clean the container to avoid the growth of algae. If you are living in a hot area, you might have to change the water more frequently to avoid the growth of fungus. Some people wait longer to change the water, and only do so when they notice it start to change color.

The container where you keep the lucky bamboo should not be too wide. From the lucky bamboo bundle to the edge of the container there should be about an inch all around.

Use pebbles or gravel to anchor your plant. You can add different types of pebbles; I love the white pebbles.

Keep the plant in a bright room where it will get direct light. However, you should avoid any direct sunlight if you want the plant to thrive. not keep the plant in direct sunlight

Never forget to cut out the yellow leaves to invite good luck into your life.  Yellow leaves can be caused by chlorinated water, or exposure to direct sunlight which you should avoid.  

Lucky bamboo Bunching

Usually, you will find lucky bamboo stems woven or bunched together before being placed in a container. While each number is associated with a particular level of luck, the more the number of stalks the greater is the blessings it can get for the home.  when you have a bound boot

Three bamboo stalks are supposed to bring happiness longevity and wealth. Five bamboo stalks spring academic achievement and advancements in your career. Six bamboo stalks represent luck and prosperity while seven bamboo stalks bring health to you and your loved ones. Eight bamboo stalks represent growth while ten bamboo stalks symbolize perfection and completeness. Twenty-one bamboo stalks are thought to bestow a long-lasting, powerful overall blessing of great wealth and enduring health.

Lucky Bamboo Propagation

If you or a friend has some lucky bamboos that have grown tall. You can propagate them instead of buying new ones.

Propagation is easy and you can either use the side shoots or the cane itself. When using the shoots, cut them as close to the base as possible and remove the lower leaves to expose the nodes. Then put them in water and wait for the roots to appear.

When using the cane, count about five or seven nodes and give it a clean cut (the cut is in the middle of two nodes not right on the node). You can also coat the top end with wax to stop vertical growth and promote horizontal shoots.  

Always make sure not to confuse the top and the bottom side of the cut stems. Then put the canes in water and wait for the roots to appear which normally takes between a month or two. Check some latest prices on Lucky Bamboos from Amazon.

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