Square Vase Flower Arrangements

Square Vase Flower Arrangements

Square vase flower arrangements are beautiful and elegant. The small square arrangements are some of my favorite floral displays. I love them because I can use almost any flowers, and mix them in any order. Also, when working with small vases, you require fewer flowers.

The displays are also perfect for display in events such as birthday parties, bridal parties, or for just displaying on your coffee table or desk.

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First, you’ll pour water into the vase you’ll fill it a little over halfway full. Add flower food if you have access to it. Next, you’ll use your greenery, you’ll cut different pieces and you want it to kind of drape over the side of the vase. Make sure to pull off the green leaves at the base because you don’t want any leaves to be in the water.

Place your greenery all around the vase so that you have a collar that goes all the way around the vase. You start with your main flowers; you’ll take your first rose or whichever main flower you’re using it’ll come with greenery on it you’ll clip off or pinch off the bottom leaves. It will also have what they are called guard petals the petals that are protecting the inside of the rose and you’ll just lightly pinch those off.

Measure how tall you need your rose to be by holding it against the vase. If you want a small compact arrangement you will definitely need to cut shorter roses than if you are going for a tall arrangement. You want to have the first rose or main flower go right in the center. In a square vase, you’ll have your center rose and then you’ll start with a rose in each corner that way you can establish that it is a square vase.

Place the other main flowers radiating from a central point. Keep turning the vase so you can see any gaps and fill them. Take a couple of pieces of your greenery that have longer stems and you’ll fill in few of the holes that you’ll have left in the open spaces for your arrangement.

Filler Flowers

The next step is to add the filler flowers which are usually smaller that the main flowers such as baby’s breath. Most of them come in a bunch you can resize them so that they fit in the gaps. They’re referred to as filler flowers because they fill the gaps that the main flowers such as roses don’t fill. They also add texture and interest to the arrangement.

Finally, turn around the arrangement to see how it all came together. As usual, step back and look at it from a distance and look for any gaps that need filling or flowers that need adjusting.

I have also used this process to make many small square vase arrangements similar to what you purchase from florists. I especially love to use all flowers with minimal or no greenery. Kindly note that when working with just flowers and no greenery, you might have to put a square grid at the top of the vase using floral tape to keep the flowers from falling into the water. The floral displays in the small vases look elegant yet require little effort.

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